Taylor Swift could be the new mayor of Tampa, Florida

On March 17, 2023, Taylor Swift started her eras tour in Glendale, Arizona. After not touring for almost 5 years, the public was excited to see how she would include the six albums she has published since her last concert in 2018. The cities where the concerts are being held received the news with enthusiasm, as the tour brings millions of dollars in tourism.

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Glendale, the tour opener, changed its name to Swift City for two days to celebrate the beginning of the tour. Since then, all the cities have done something special to commemorate the arrival of Taylor Swift in their towns. Las Vegas lighted up its getaway arches in the representative colors of Swift’s eras, and Arlington presented her with the key to the city and temporally renamed a street in her honor.

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Now Tampa, the next stop, has offered to illuminate all the downtown bridges red in honor of her 4th album: RED. But that was not enough. Jane Castor, the current Tampa Mayor, has invited Taylor Swift to be mayor of the city for a day on Thursday, April 13. Historically 13 has been Swift’s lucky number, so it comes to no surprise that an honor like this should be offered on a lucky day. For the mayor, during the 3 days of Swift’s concerts the city is going to be Tampa (Taylor’s Version) to honor her re-recordings. The fight for the biggest Swiftie City is on, proving the musical force of the American singer.

The tour comes amid her re-recordings, an attempt to regain the masters of her first 5 albums after they were sold without her blessing. Because of that, Swift decided to offer a show that covers her whole music career, honoring all her albums and previous tours.


With 52 in 20 cities, the first leg of the tour covers the US. After that, she will embark on international dates that are rumored to cover Europe, Latin America, and Asia. After the first announcement, she had to include 17 new dates to cover the demand. But still was not enough, as it quickly became the biggest selling of tickets in a single day in history, with 2.4 million only during the pre-sale.

The tour never got to be sold to the public because the fan-verified codes concentrated enough people to sell all the available tickets, with over 14 million people trying to access the platform. According to Ticketmaster, she could have filled over 900 stadiums with the number of people trying to get tickets in the US only. With over 591 million dollars sold, the tour is expected to break the record for the biggest-selling tour worldwide after international dates are announced. It even led to controversy over the monopolization of the music industry in the US Congress, where Ticketmaster is being investigated for fraud and intentionally benefiting re-sellers for higher income.

And as the tour began it became obvious why the demand was so high: with a 3 hours long show that follows all the eras in her career, over 50 songs that include singles and fan favorites, and a spectacle that brings people back in time to see all the albums come alive, Taylor keeps proving that she is an entertainment force. Amid breakup rumors, Swift shows the world that her music and reputation are higher than any relationship, proving that women should be looked up to for their achievements and not the people they are -or aren’t- dating.

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