Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship Over Time

Recently, the end of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn was announced. We tell you a little more about the couple over the years

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

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On April 8, People Magazine claimed that singer Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn broke up after six years of relationship. The news was confirmed to the magazine by a source close to the couple, who assured that the breakup occurred several weeks ago. “They had hard times in the past, but they always worked things out, so their friends thought they would take some time apart and eventually get back together […] In the end, they weren't right for each other ”, he told People.

Here we will tell you more about the relationship between the singer and the actor.

2016: How did they meet?

The couple was always very private about their relationship. For this reason, to this day the exact date on which Swift and Alwyn met is not known with certainty. However, it is believed that it was in May, at the Met Gala or in October, during a Kings of Leon concert, which they both attended. Later in November, Swift attended the premiere of “Billy Lynn: Honor and Feeling” with numerous of her friends, starring Alwyn. These are the scenarios in which it is believed that the ex-partner met.

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2017: The relationship began and progressed

In June 2017, the couple was first caught by paparazzi. Since May 2017 it was rumored that Swift and Alwyn were dating, but they had not been caught together nor was there more information about it. The photo was taken in Nashville, at what appeared to be Swift's parents' home. The media suspected that Alwyn met Andre and Phill Swift, the singer's parents.

In October of the same year, Swift did a secret listening session for her song "Gorgeous" and reportedly told her fans that the song was inspired by and written for her "boyfriend of one year." Just a few days later, in an interview, Ed Sheran, who is close friends with Swift, was asked what he thought of Alwyn, to which he replied that he really liked him. In December, the couple was caught hugging again in the middle of a concert by the European singer.

2018: More clues

Throughout 2018, the couple gave more clues about their relationship. On May 8, the two posted a photo of each other next to a cactus. This excited the fans, who by then were already sure that the relationship was being confirmed. In September, Alwyn attended an interview with British Vogue in which he was asked about Swift, saying they had kept things private up until now and preferred it that way. That was the first time Alwyn had talked about Swift. In November, Swift posted a teaser trailer for The Favourite, a film that Alwyn starred in. Also, he tagged him in the post.

2019: Engagement Rumors

In March 2019, while Taylor Swift was filming "Cats" in London, sources close to the couple told US Weekly that the couple had already talked about getting engaged and that Alwyn was about to take the plunge. However, the engagement was never announced.

The couple was captured multiple times, both in public places and on a private plane. In November, it was also known that they celebrated Thanksgiving together, both in the United States and in England. Throughout December, the singer was in London sharing with Alwyn's family and friends. They only returned to the United States for the premiere of "Cats." At Christmas, they celebrated together in London and, at New Years, they were captured in the Maldives.

2020: They show more together

Despite their discretion, over time Swift and Alwyn grew closer and slowly revealed their relationship. At the 2020 Golden Globes, they sat side by side. However, they did not walk the red carpet together.

At the end of January, “Miss Americana” premiered on Netflix. Swift spoke briefly about someone with a "surprisingly balanced" life with whom she was falling in love. He also assured that they wanted a private relationship. In the documentary, Alwyn appears a few times. He hugs her, on one occasion he kisses her hand and on another it seems that he is the one recording while she sings “Call It What You Want” to him.

During the pandemic, they each uploaded photos on their Instagram stories. Fans speculated that they were quarantining together, as Alwyn was uploading photos of Swift's cat and the locations in the photos seemed to be the same because of the decor.

Then, with the release of "Folklore", his fans suspected that several lyrics on the album were dedicated to Alwyn. Although this has never been verified, what is certain is that several of the lyrics were composed in collaboration with Alwyn, who appears on the album credits as William Bowery. Alwyn also contributed to the recording of backing vocals.

In December, the engagement rumors came out again, but there was no confirmation from either of them.

2021 and 2022: Privacy and rumors

In 2021, the couple resumed their strict privacy. Swift thanked Alwyn during her speech on winning the Britt Awards Global Icon award. The rest of the year they were caught on several occasions having dates, or traveling. Likewise, engagement rumors came back from time to time, but nothing was ever confirmed. In the photos that Alwyn uploaded to his stories, there were always Swift's cats, but beyond that there was nothing to show that the couple were living together.

2023: the end of the relationship

When Taylor Swift's tour began last March, various media outlets claimed that Alwyn would try to attend some of her performances. However, less than a month after the tour began, the rumor of their separation became known.

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