Events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America

The arrival of Gabriel Boric to power in Chile only serves as the eve of a tight electoral calendar that is coming up for next year. These are the events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America .

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These are the events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America. Photo: Pexels

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It should be remembered that two countries where the right currently rules, such as Colombia and Brazil, will have a change of president and parliamentarians , like Costa Rica, in which its current president Carlos Alvarado Quesada is part of the center-left Citizen Action Party.

For its part, Peru will have regional and municipal elections, while Mexico will have a change of governorship in the states of Aguascalientes, Durango, Tamaulipas, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

Presidential and legislative elections in Costa Rica

On February 6, Costa Ricans will be the first to elect their new president , although at least more than half of the inhabitants have not yet decided who to vote for. According to the Center for Research and Political Studies (CIEP) of the University of Costa Rica, 53% of people in November did not know in whom to place their trust, taking into account that in recent weeks a series of scandals around local governments.

In addition, the situation "worsens" when it is known that voters who are already sure of their vote do not manage to unbalance the balance for any of them at any time. According to the Opol Consultores survey, on December 20 there was a triple tie between former president José María Figueres, Lineth Saborío and Fabricio Alvarado.

Presidential and legislative elections in Colombia

Like Costa Rica, Colombia will change its president and congressmen in 2022 , on March 13 (legislators) and May 29 (president). In the first scenario, most of the polls have placed the leftist Gustavo Petro at the head of the presidential race, which if it were to become a reality in May, would be an extreme change of head. The current right-wing government, led by Iván Duque, would have a 180-degree turn towards a left-wing progressivism that Argentina and Mexico are experiencing today.

Presidential and legislative elections in Brazil

Brazil, which will elect its new first president and its deputies and part of the senators on October 2, is not an opposite case, since the left, led by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has once again placed itself at the top of the presidential polls. The last of these (carried out by the Datafolha Institute and published by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper), assures that Da Silva has a voting intention of 48% against the 22% of the current far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.
However, in the event that Da Silva wins the presidency, the conservative right is the majority in Congress , so if he wants to govern "at ease" he will have to make sure that the support in the presidential elections is also evidenced in the elections of legislators.

Regional and local elections in Peru

Peruvians will go to the polls on October 2 to elect their governors and mayors. In the midst of the political tension that exists due to the discontent of the people for its current president, Pedro Castillo, who has a disapproval of 62.1% according to a Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey, the Peruvian people will have to choose if it places representatives of the left like Castillo in the governorships and mayors, or if, on the contrary, it opts for the radical right.

For example, the people of Lima (three out of four reject Castillo according to the CPI survey) seem to opt for the far-right candidate , Rafael López Aliaga, who also participated in the presidential elections in 2021 and now has a total of 15% of the intention to vote in the capital, according to the pollster Ipsos.

Constituent referendum in Chile

Chileans, now with a new president, will go to the polls in search of supporting or not the document of the new Political Constitution drawn up by the Constitutional Convention, after in 2020, also at the polls, the people endorsed the creation of a new Magna Carta for the country.

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XVI Summit of the Pacific Alliance

Although it takes place in January 2022, the truth is that the 16th summit that will bring together the member countries of the Pacific Alliance (PA): Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile, aims to agree on the backlogs left in 2021. The meeting It could not be held in December due to the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the President of the United States, Joe Biden, from participating in the summit.

The idea of this conversation is that the four member states can formalize the Liber Trade Agreement with Singapore, seeking to open new doors in the Asian market.

IX Summit of the Americas

The most important political event on the American continent will take place in the United States in mid-2022 and its main objective is to talk about the strategies that will help preserve democracy and improve the reality of Human Rights in the region.

"The past twenty years have shown us that democracy is fragile, and the people of the American continent must remain vigilant to protect it," Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained in a press release.

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