Gallery: Border Conflicts in Latin America

Recently, the International Court at The Hague settled the dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua, but others remain to be defined. Despite the peaceful context of the region, there are several border conflicts in Latin America.

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Last week, the International Court of Justice, based in The Hague, Netherlands, ruled on the border dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua over the sea off the east coast of Nicaragua. After the ICJ ratified Colombia's sovereignty over the San Andres archipelago in 2012, it recognized Nicaragua's sovereignty over 75,000 square kilometers of sea.

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However, this is one of many border disputes in the region. Several countries claim territory and maritime areas. These are some of the border conflicts in the region.

Despite the current multiple disputes, for several decades, the region has avoided entering into warlike conflicts. What remains today is a series of grievances that it is trying to resolve diplomatically and legally.

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