How important are Latinos in US elections?

Latino voters play a crucial role in tipping the balance one way or the other .

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The United States prepares for the presidential elections that will define the future of the country. As the ABC website mentions, the "difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the polls" is narrowing, where the Democratic Party candidate, who seemed to have double digits in favor, would actually be showing an increasingly even scenario.

It is in this same sense that some groups can have an enormous influence on the final results of the country. The Profile website highlights that "Latino voters will be decisive in the United States elections", given that, according to what they mention, they have a great weight in some key states.

Against this background, we decided to find out everything about Latin Americans who have the possibility to vote in the United States of America. In this way, we will be able to understand a little better what they think, how they think, how they could influence and what the candidates of this very important electoral group think.

Latinos in the 2020 U.S. Elections

The decision of the future of the United States will be between the two main contenders who present themselves this time. On the one hand, the current president of the country, Donald Trump, who will go for re-election within the Republican Party. On the other, we have Joe Biden, a former former vice president of the Obama administration, who will represent the interests of the Democratic Party.

Well, as The New York Times mentions, without Latinos "there is no White House." It is a sector that, a priori, is not part of the priorities of the candidates for the highest authority in the country. However, they represent a large enough sector of the population to ignore them.

The VOA Noticias medium highlights that up to 32 million Latinos can vote in the presidential elections of the United States in 2020. This is an increase of more than 15% in relation to what happened in 2016. Therefore, they are the most important minority in the electoral contest, something that happens due to the increase in young people with voting power.

Despite the fact that, a priori, Latinos seem to have an inclination towards the Democratic Party, the trend is changing in recent times . The Infobae medium highlights that "one in three Latinos in the United States supports Donald Trump," managing to be relatively popular within the country's main ethnic minority.

This is a group that, as the La Razón México website mentions, calls itself “Latinos for Trump”, although the Republican calls them “Bad Hombres”. Despite the contradictory speech of the president, the support of these people seems to be increasing, being a sector that his opponent does not seem to prioritize either.

At the same time, it is a curious situation, given that, in the previous elections, all the leaders "remember" this sector that influences the results. However, once this is over, they tend to forget about them. In other words, every four years, Latinos become important to the United States, regardless of the political party.

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Despite trends that would indicate that most of this group would be thinking of backing Donald Trump, it seems that Joe Biden has an "ace up his sleeve." According to what Yahoo News reports, the "secret weapon" to capture the vote of Latin American workers would involve raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, eliminating the minimum wage with tips.

It is a key sector in numerical terms, but one that should feel “determined” to go to vote. The DW medium highlights that the participation of Hispanic voters is low , as it happened in 2016, where only 47.6% of Latinos cast their vote, compared to 59.6% of African Americans and 65.3% of the whites.

As no one is obliged to vote in presidential elections, it remains to be seen what arguments the main candidates have to attract this very important electoral nucleus, which does not always feel persuaded by the proposals. For the moment, we must say that they should pay more attention to them, as they could define the future of the country.

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