In Peru more than 2,400 women have disappeared in 2020

Disappearances and deaths during 2020 and an increase in violence against women during confinement mark the Peruvian reality .

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Report indicates that more than 2400 women have disappeared in Peru. / Photo: Pixabay

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So far this year, 2,415 women (737 adults and 1,720 minors) have been reported missing in Peru , a trend that has accelerated with the relaxation of restrictions on social mobility according to complaints from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Peruvian Ombudsman's Office.

During the quarantine due to the pandemic that the world suffers, in Peru more than 900 women have disappeared, and to that chilling figure are added 28 femicides, 32 attempts at femicide, 15 violent deaths and 226 underage girls and adolescents victims of sexual abuse. that began to be registered in the month of March until the month of June according to the authorities.

The IACHR has expressed its concern, requesting the Peruvian State to open investigations with a gender perspective and calling for compliance “with its duty to comprehensively protect the rights of adolescent girls, particularly the right to a life free of violence. " According to a report by the Efe Agency, released through its EFEMINISTA platform.

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In addition, it was recalled that "there are still pending measures that must be implemented" in order to achieve an effective search for missing persons, such as the creation of a missing persons registration portal that helps to make the situation visible and at the same time allow the number of disappeared persons to be reiterated in addition to their identities to continue their search and prevent future disappearances.

The portal will also facilitate the intervention of organizations and members of the public in the search for people affected by this problem, and will provide reliable information, in simple language, on how to proceed in these cases, as reported by the Peruvian Ombudsman. 

Likewise, the institution has insisted on its recommendation to the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) to explicitly include the disappearance of women committed by private individuals as another form of gender violence within the 2016 National Plan on Violence against Women- 2021.

According to the Ombudsman, this will give visibility to this problem and will strengthen comprehensive care services in the Women's Emergency Centers (CEM) for both victims and family members; while it will also promote the formulation and implementation of preventive public policies, EFEMINISTA reported.



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