Infographic: The 100 Days of Gustavo Petro. Achievements, Figures and Challenges

The Colombian president assumed the presidency on August 7, 2022. This is how the first 100 days of Gustavo Petro have passed.

Gustavo Petro

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The first socialist president in the history of Colombia celebrates his first 100 days of government. Gustavo Petro received a country with deep social and economic crises and had several promises for his first 3 months in office.

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It is true that he has made significant progress in terms of peace and education, and that he has been working on important reforms within Congress, but he also has black numbers in terms of the economy, inflation, or the price of the Colombian peso. However, many of these figures are shared with the Government of President Iván Duque.

100 Days of Gustavo Petro

Likewise, Gustavo Petro has not yet advanced on key issues of his campaign such as the declaration of the mining moratorium or presenting a proposal for the health reform, among others. However, the Ministers of Mines and Health have already confirmed the Government's intentions to advance in both fields, although they are issues that still have several opponents within the same ruling party in Congress.

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