Jenifer Paola Rosales, a Friendlier View of the Automotive Industry

Ten years in the Automotive Sector has made Jenifer Paola Rosales one of the most recognized women in this industry, standing out for her personal and professional qualities in an environment considered for years as men's.

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The outgoing and fun personality of this young graduate in Business Administration with a Specialization in Operations Management has served as the driving force for her to work as a Senior Sales Advisor in charge of several of the most important mills in the company Kenworth de Centroamérica S.A. "I came to this sector by chance, I wanted to be a chef, and due to various circumstances, I started working at the age of 19 in an automotive company and stayed… I learned to manage solutions, and that is something that I am passionate about in this job."

A Friendlier View of the Automotive Industry

For Paola, it has not been difficult to work in an environment considered masculine; quite the contrary. She has always been surrounded by friendly people and has not felt gender distinctions in her work. As she says, "In my group, we have always been very united since I entered, they have always supported me, and that is how I learned to do my job… Little by little, I have gained confidence by giving solutions, showing myself as someone who knows the subject".

In the same way, she considers that the participation of women in the automotive sector has increased, even in areas considered to be heavy work, such as driving trucks, harvesters, or tractors. "Women have earned respect for their work and are considered very intelligent and valuable for the industry," she assures.

What Women in the Automotive Industry Are Made Of

Many women see work in the Automotive Industry as something heavy and rough because they are left with the sole idea of ​​working in the technical area. In addition, many are unaware that there are many other activities in which, more than strength, the development of administrative and professional skills is required, like problem-solving.


Paola Rosales considers that the following characteristics can help empower women in automotive work: "Intelligent women are needed who keep in mind that there are no obstacles they cannot overcome, with great courage, self-confident themselves, with humility to learn, dedicated, willing to share with everyone and, above all, with passion and love for work."

A Promising Future

Jenifer Paola Rosales is sure that there is still a long way to go; that is why her work and personal projection are constantly being built. At a personal level, she does not rule out the idea of ​​organizing herself and, in the future, having a family without leaving her job "this is totally compatible if you know how to organize time… Each thing with its space gives me time for my family and time for myself."

Regarding her work, in about five years, she sees herself running her own company in the automotive sector. Taking advantage of her experience, discipline, and dedication to her work and the constant responsibility to stay updated.

Paola claims, "You have to prepare very well, be self-taught, and always be willing to provide solutions and thus take advantage of market opportunities."

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