Gallery: Back to the Office Anxiety ,How to Overcome it?

With the "new normality", people find it necessary to be flexible and adapt to old dynamics. After two years at home, some feel overwhelmed by having to return to their workplaces. Learn how to manage anxiety back at the office.

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When the pandemic began, the changes in lifestyles were so rapid and abrupt that they generated many adaptation problems in people. However, after almost two years of changing dynamics between confinements, biosecurity measures and alternation between virtual and face-to-face, resuming routines as before the pandemic also creates challenges for workers.

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In the midst of the pandemic, many people have changed jobs and teams have been restructured. Therefore, it is not surprising that today co-workers do not meet in person. In addition, in some countries measures are already being adopted such as removing the obligation to use the mask indoors. Likewise, resuming the routines of traveling to the offices, which implies spending more time in transportation, and the need to resume the office wardrobe can generate discomfort. All these factors are generating anxiety.

According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, their research has found 3 fundamental factors for a successful return to the office. First of all, the relationships between employees and the way they communicate and create synergies is fundamental. "Second, decision makers must also understand that stressors in the workplace can have a negative impact on employee health. Managers must ensure that employees are physically safe and face events minimal stressors," they say. Finally, decision makers in companies must understand that the choice to have a hybrid, face-to-face or fully remote mode will have an impact on the performance of workers. Therefore, a balance must be sought between the personal and the hybrid.

Next, we show you how to manage stress and anxiety back in the office, according to the recommendations of the American Psychological Association APA:

Back to the Office Anxiety

However, you need to consult a professional if you feel that stress and anxiety overwhelm you. According to a guide for workers of the Mental Health Association of Canada , it is necessary to see a specialist when there are continuous changes in sleep and appetite, there is a negative impact on family and personal relationships, there is a excessive feelings of sadness and worry or the use of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol or drugs is being abused.

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