Latin America in Short: Attack in Norway and Nobel Prizes for Environmentalists

This week there was an attack in Norway, more names of Nobel Prize winners were announced, there was another trip into space and a difference between FIFA and EA. All these news summarized here .

Police car and nobel prize winners

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: Pexels, TW-NobelPrize

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Politics, the environment and sports do not stop giving us news this week. In Norway, a terrorist attack leaves five dead. However, it is not all bad news: the Swedish Academy has announced more Nobel winners and this time they have recognized environmentalists who dedicate their work to the fight against climate change. On the other hand, Captain Kirk now does reach space, this time on a Jeff Bezos aircraft. Finally, FIFA enters into disagreements with EA for the use of its name for the famous video game. All summarized and explained here, in our weekly summary.


Terrorist attack in Norway leaves 5 dead and 2 wounded

On Wednesday, a confusing attack left 5 dead and 2 wounded when a 38-year-old man attacked 7 people with a bow and arrow in the town of Kongsberg. According to the authorities, the suspect in the attack was being followed because he showed signs of radicalization after converting to Islam. The man, identified as Espen Andersen Bråthen, had threatened his family last year, according to police.

This is Norway's deadliest terrorist attack since 2011 when far-right Anders Behring Breivik left 77 people dead after 2 attacks.


Captain Kirk "returns" to space

At the age of 90, actor William Shatner, known for his role as Captain Kirk on the legendary Star Treck series, traveled into space and became the oldest person to be above the atmosphere. Shatner occupied a capsule of the Blue Origin company, owned by Jeff Bezos, which has already made two trips and seeks to commercialize this type of experiences.


Nobel Prize in Physics bets on the environment

Since last week the winners of the Nobel Prizes have been announced. In the case of the physics award, it was awarded to initiatives related to the environment and the growing interest in climate change.

The award was presented in two parts: the Japanese-Japanese Syukuro Manabe together with the German Klaus Hasselmann and the Italian theorist Giorgio Parisi. The former have carried out the physical modeling of the earth's climate and have thereby succeeded in forecasting climate change and its consequences with great precision. In Hasselmann's case, the award was given "for the discovery of the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems, from the atomic to the planetary scale", according to the Swedish Academy. This would respond to the interaction between climate and time.

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FIFA would charge Electronic Arts $ 1 billion a year for its name

Right now there is a dispute between the video game company Electronic Arts and FIFA. FIFA wants to charge EA double the amount (over $ 1 billion every 4 years) for the license and limit EA's ability to monetize the game. The FIFA video game franchise is inonic and the most popular in the world. However, due to the cost of the license, EA Sports would be considering renaming it. The license currently gives EA the name, logo, and rights to use the World Cup within the game.

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