Latin America In Short: Biden Will Not Go To Colombia and Venezuela Greets Pékerman

This week it was confirmed that President Biden will not go to Colombia. On the other hand, the Omicrón variant threatens to return us to travel restrictions. In sports, José Pékerman confirms his arrival in the Venezuelan National Team. This and more in our weekly roundup .

Joe Biden and Nestor Pekerman

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: TW-JoeBiden, TW-DTSports

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This week the news about Biden's coming to Colombia was denied. On the other hand, former President Macri will be investigated for espionage. In global politics, the Omnicrón variant threatens to return us to travel restrictions and the Panama Canal compromises with the environment. Finally, in sports, the Venezuelan soccer team welcomes José Pékerman as its technical director.

Mauricio Macri will be investigated for espionage

The former Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, was prosecuted for an alleged espionage of relatives of the sailors killed in the sinking of the submarine ARA San Juan, which occurred in 2017. The judge's decision also contemplates the embargo of 1 million dollars and the impediment to leave from the country.

The substitute judge of the trial, Martín Bava, considers that there is sufficient evidence to determine that Macri knew about the illegal interceptions to know the intentions of the victims' relatives to know in advance the claims that he was going to receive.

Biden says NO to Duque

After several speculations and news that affirmed the plan of the US president, Joe Biden, to visit Colombia in December for the Summit of the Pacific Alliance, it was known that it is not true. There was never an official statement, but several media took it for granted that the president would choose Colombia and this summit of 4 countries as his first visit as president to South America, since he took office earlier this year.

Are travel restrictions returning?

In recent days, several countries in the world have reapplied travel restrictions in response to prevent the entry and rapid spread of the Omicron variant, which is already found in 25 countries, including South Africa, Germany, Brazil and, the most recent , USA. Although the scientific community has not yet been able to determine the level of threat of this variant, the WHO described it as worrying and governments have raised their alarms about the possibility of an outbreak of the magnitude of the one experienced almost two years ago, when the Coronavirus spread throughout the world.

These restrictions also come with the discontent on the part of civilians (mostly from the right) who in recent weeks have come out to demonstrate due to the conditions that have been set throughout Europe for the vaccination card to be presented to enter public places.

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The Panama Canal committed to the environment

This port center will implement a vessel classification system to collect a tax on those vessels that emit greenhouse gases. The announcement was made by Ricaurte Vásquez, administrator of the Panama Canal, who assured that this decision is "one more step in the efforts, in recognition of the urgency of climate change and the need to accelerate the industry and global climate action."

In addition, part of the fee charged to GHG-emitting ships will be used to support investments that focus on environmental performance. It should be noted that this measure will only apply to vessels with 38.1 meters in length (from bow to stern).

Venezuela hired Pékerman as its new coach

The Venezuelan Soccer Team presented José Nestor Pékerman as its new coach on Tuesday. The Argentine will once again lead a national team after his successful stint for the Colombian National Team. With the coffee country, Pékerman led 78 games, with 42 wins, 20 draws and 16 losses. Venezuela will be the third team led by the experienced coach, who has already qualified for three World Cups, one with Argentina and two with Colombia.

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