Latin America in Short: Pressure Mounts on Russia | Maduro speaks in its favor

This week the pressure on Russia is increasing in the global arena. Meanwhile, Nicolás Maduro speaks out in its favor and offers collaboration to the country that has been his ally. Everything summarized here.

Vladimir Putin and Nicolás Maduro

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This week the pressure on Russia has increased at the international level while Nicolás Maduro offers help to the country of which he has been an ally. In health matters, the FDA approved the first specialized condom for anal sex. Finally, in sports, Falcao injured again. All the relevant news of the week summarized here.

International pressure on Russian oligarchs increases

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Western countries have initiated a series of sanctions against members of the Russian government and their closest businessmen (commonly known as oligarchs).

Precisely, France announced the seizure of the yacht of Igor Setchine, head of the state company Rosneft. Additionally, Germany also announced the arrest of 3 ships at the Blohm + Voss shipyard, among which the “Dilbar” stands out, one of the largest private yachts that would belong to Alisher Burjanovich Usamanov, the third richest man in Russia.

Nicolás Maduro offers Venezuela as the savior of Russia

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, announced in a speech that Venezuela will be ready to offer any type of input or product that Russia may need. As a way of thanking Russian support for decades, Maduro assures that the South American country will try to collaborate with Russia to the extent that they can and that Moscow needs it. This, not without first criticizing the “economic war” to which Russia is now subjected by the West as a measure of retaliation for the “operation” in Ukraine.

However, critics question how the battered Venezuelan economy will be able to provide support to the Eurasian power without putting at risk the low productivity of their country.

The world is on alert before scientists’ report on global warming

A new report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change alarms world leaders about the threat of global warming. Droughts, fires, huge biodiversity losses, floods, infectious diseases and food crises are some of the imminent consequences. António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, has pointed out that this is a red alert for humanity. “The alarms are deafening and the evidence is irrefutable,” he said. It is an urgent call to coordinate effective actions to adapt and mitigate the impact.

FDA authorizes the One Male Condom

The United States Food and Drug Administration authorized the marketing of the The first condom produced specifically for anal intercourse These condoms will be marketed under the name One Male Condom and are designed with specific technology to reduce the possibility of transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) This is important news because the risk of acquiring an STI during anal intercourse is higher and this can make STI prevention more inclusive

Falcao injured again

More than a meme is a reality: Radamel Falcao is a player that is quite prone to injuries. small muscle injury, and there is no option to take risks there. With the muscle issue you have to wait until he heals and until then he won’t be able to be with us”, said Andoni Iraola at the press conference prior to Thursday’s match against Betis for the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals. It is not a good start to the year for “El Tigre”, who has been since November 6, 2021 without scoring a goal.

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