Maduro, Trump and Duque: The life before the presidency

One was a bus driver and another was a TV star. Certainly, the lives of these three leaders were very different before they arrived in politics

Maduro, Trump and Duque: The life before the presidency

Do you know what life was like for Nicolás Maduro, Donald Trump, and Iván Duque before taking office? Here you can find all about it.

Nicolás Maduro: from bus driver to Venezuelan president

The Venezuelan president had no connection with politics until the coup d'état of Hugo Chávez against President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992. They both met through Cilia Flores, Maduro's wife, who did everything possible to get Chávez out of the jail after the authorities sentenced him to more than two years in prison. But before 1992, Maduro still had not finished high school and was engaged in transporting passengers in Caracas.

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In fact, as a bus driver, he enrolled in the Caracas Metro Workers Union. Later he was the one who directed the union, explains Kienyke. According to El Nuevo Día, some of his co-workers state that "he had the highest record of absences from work, justified by the advantages of union immunity and with an alleged asthma condition, and he is the driver that most Metrobús units have crashed in the history in this transport company." Today he continues driving, but he does not drive a bus but the presidency of Venezuela.

Donald Trump: closer to showbiz than to politics

After graduating from economics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Donald Trump had one goal: to be a theater producer. In his attempt, he wanted to finance the play Paris Is Out!. So he proposed it to its director David Black, but in exchange, he had to teach him all his secrets in relation to what was done in theatrical production, reports Semana magazine. Trump did not succeed because the play was a total failure, so his intention to enter the entertainment industry ended at the time with that first step.

According to the same media, Trump decided to concentrate on the real estate, a business inherited from his family that gave him part of his fortune. But what really gave him millions of dollars was the combination of his last name with appearances in film and television. Remember, for example, the scene of the movie Home Alone, when the child meets Trump in a hotel and asks for help.

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Without a doubt, he is a strategist positioning his brand. Then, in 2015 he became the owner of Miss Universe and the Miss United States. He was also the host of The Celebrity Apprentice show, reports El Financiero de México. With all his economic power, Trump jumped from the entertainment world to the presidency of the United States.

Iván Duque: between writing and politics

Duque was someone unknown in the national scene before reaching the presidency of Colombia. In fact, he dedicated his life to writing. Six books that he wrote stand out on the website of his candidacy for the presidency. These are " Pecados Monetarios (2007), Maquiavelo en Colombia (2010) and Efecto Naranja (2015), he is also the co-author of La Economía Naranja (2013) and IndignAcción, which he presented in 2017 to tell Colombians his vision of the country. His latest book, El Futuro está en el Centro, was published on March 12."

In 1999, he began his professional career as a consultant for the Andean Development Corporation (CAF). From there he served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance in the government of Pastrana. However, although he was Senator of the Republic for the Democratic Center, created by Álvaro Uribe, he did not have a history in the media until Uribe himself made him known at the national level.

His father is Iván Duque Márquez, Minister of Mines (1985-1986) of Belisario Betancur, governor of Antioquia (1981-1982) and National Registrar (1998-2002). He influenced, in large part, his foray IGNORE INTO politics. Duque is a lawyer from Sergio Arboleda University and did master's degrees in International Economic Law at American University and Public Management at Georgetown University, notes El Tiempo.


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