Soccer and fashion: 3 players who are also designers

Most players break the barrier between the world of fashion and sport when they reach fame. Here we show you some examples

Soccer and fashion: 3 players who are also designers

When his face is recognizable to many, footballers are often hired to be the image of many fashion brands. The FIFA World Cup is not only a platform for football players to shine and then be bought by different clubs, it is also the scenario in which footballers model for the biggest brands.

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Thus, when they have already achieved fame and the public recognizes their face, brands hire them to be their image. Here we bring you, however, some specific cases in which the players have gone further and have become designers or owners of their own brand or their own collection.

Jérôme Boateng

He is a German soccer player of Ghanaian origin. Currently plays in the defense of Bayern Munich in the German league. His entrance to the fashion world began being an influencer because he shared risky outfits with his followers on Instagram account, in which it can be seen his fashion.

He usually attends catwalks of big firms like Balmain and then show off his outfits. He has his own sunglasses collection and, according to the Huffington Post, he collaborates with the huge brand H&M for the launch of a collection that will be inspired by the personal style of the footballer


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David Beckham

It is perhaps the former footballer more committed to the fashion world. He is married to Victoria Beckham, who also works in the fashion world after having achieved international fame with the Spice Girls. Both, then, jumped from one job to another: they achieved the greatest success in football and music, respectively, and now they are dedicated to fashion design.

Together they have a brand: DVB (David Victoria Beckham) that has garments made by Victoria Beckham herself and whose outfits have worn world-class celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. David Beckham has its own brand of urban and elegant clothes for men. As if all this were not enough, the former footballer is the ambassador of London fashion in China and has a brand.


Una publicación compartida de David Beckham (@davidbeckham) el

Cristiano Ronaldo

He started in the fashion world as all footballers usually start: modeling for big brands of clothes. He has worked for very diverse brands and for very different lines, from the Armani brand to sports brands such as Nike.

Now, in addition, he has his own line of men's underwear that has his own name. He also owns a clothing brand called CR7Limitless that is specialized in men's fashion for children and adults. Also, he and his son Cristiano Jr. are the main models.


Una publicación compartida de CR7 Denim (@cr7limitless) el

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