“Alien” Remains Were Presented in the Mexican Congress and Investigated: Truth or Lie?

This week, remains of alleged alien origin were presented to the Mexican Congress for investigation. The scientific community and the UNAM have already ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for these mummies. Here we tell you .

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There is no scientific evidence that validates that the stuffed bodies presented before the Mexican Congress last week have an "extraterrestrial" origin, despite the claims of hundreds of Internet users who share images of the event.

EFE Verifica received a query through its WhatsApp channel (+52 1 55 6166 24 82), about a publication on Deputies of Mexico.

The viral message states that the "Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan presented two supposed 'bodies' of stuffed aliens found in Peru that are more than 1,000 years old" and includes four photos of the figures presented by the well-known Mexican television host.

Facebook accounts spread the same images, stating that "Mexico has just become the first country in the world to openly recognize the existence of extraterrestrial beings", something that the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) would have certified.

FACTS: Nothing supports that the remains presented in Congress are extraterrestrial; The scientific consensus suggests that the figures, also known as "Nazca mummies" were assembled with human remains, animals, and other materials. In addition, the UNAM has denied having certified the alien origin of these "beings", which NASA and other institutions also reject.

Disinformation in Congress

The display of the supposed "non-human beings" occurred during the Public Assembly for the Regulation of Unidentified Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (FANI), on September 12, convened by deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, of the ruling Morena party, at the request of the communicator Jaime Maussan.

After the presentation of a dozen specialists on the subject, the unusual event that has gone around the world began: the opening of two boxes with alleged alien corpses, presented as "alien mummies from Nazca."

Maussan said that these "dissected bodies" of "non-human beings" were found "between the cities of Palpa and Nazca (Peru) in 2017", and that according to the UNAM, "who carried out the carbon 14 analyses, these beings have around 1,000 years old".

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However, the UNAM Institute of Physics categorically denied these claims , and clarified that its carbon-14 tests only determine the age of the samples, without confirming their origin.

"The LEMA (National Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry with Accelerators) disclaims any subsequent use, interpretation or misrepresentation made with the results it issues," he said.

The Nazca mummies

According to studies and experts consulted, the samples correspond to the well-known "Nazca mummies", a controversial discovery in 2014 of supposed "alien" remains by a Peruvian citizen, which has been widely rejected by the scientific community.

Forensic anthropologist Flavio Estrada Moreno, member of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Peruvian Public Ministry, who investigated the samples, explained to EFE Verifica that they are "armed dolls" built "to give that tridactyl, alien appearance, with large heads and three-fingered hands.

This could be verified through radiology, infrared spectroscopy, comparative osteology and histology tests, he explained, which "revealed that they were elements assembled with animal bones and human bones glued with synthetic rubber." In addition, no cells were found, only plant fiber, rubber, glue and oils.

The expert considered that these samples are the same as those presented in the Mexican legislature. "Those heads that I reviewed have the same structure, composition, design and style," he assured.

He stressed that "there is no atomic harmony or evolutionary logic" and that these "beings" would never have been able to walk, "or even stand with those types of flat, broken, stuck, poorly executed joints."

UNAM archaeologist Mauricio Obregón Cardona told EFE Verifica that several studies have determined that "camelid skulls (such as llamas or alpacas) were used."

Among others, the scientific article "Application of computed tomography for the identification of the skull of an unknown archaeological find in Peru", published in the International Journal of Biology and Biomedicine, reached the same conclusions.

Obregón also lamented that these types of unfounded theories "skip over 200 years of archaeology," although he emphasized that this does not necessarily mean that extraterrestrial life is not a real possibility.

Without scientific validity

For her part, the Minister of Culture of Peru, Leslie Urteaga, rejected the fact that Peruvian experts had certified the alleged discovery and mentioned that there is a criminal complaint related to the extraction of pre-Hispanic bone remains.

In addition to this, NASA said it did not know the nature of the samples and recommended making tests accessible to the scientific community. While Ryan Graves, a US Navy pilot present at the hearing, expressed his disappointment on social media and called the event a "baseless stunt."

In short, the claims about "alien mummies" presented in Mexico lack solid foundation, and both the UNAM and international experts have refuted the supposed extraterrestrial origin of the figures.

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