Sustainable Gastronomy Is Being Led by Women

These women seek to harmonize with the environment sustainably in the kitchen and responsibly take advantage of life's resources.

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Sustainable gastronomy, in one way or another, guarantees the physical well-being of society through its food and without harming the environment. That is why the Barcelona Culinary HUB website reveals and provides new gastronomic alternatives for people to consume natural, healthy, and good-quality food. These actions help the conservation, preservation, and healing of the environment.

Sustainable gastronomy began to have a greater influence on society since the COVID-19 health crisis due to people being isolated at home. However, the transformation has been linked to a sustainable and gastronomic culture. The data collected from the article indicate that the consumption of animal products and large excesses of sugars, where vegetables and fruits are scarce, account for 20% of deaths.

Another study by the United Nations (UN) published in Saint-Gobain shows that sustainable development and sustainable gastronomy must be based on the environmental, social, and economic spheres. Thanks to these points, sustainable gastronomy can reduce waste, its production is sustainable, the rational use of the resources that nature offers us, and respect for the seasons of the products.

Event FéminAs 2022: Second Congress of Women and Rural Gastronomy

The Second Congress of Women and Rural Gastronomy were held from May 16 to 18. There, tribute was paid to women related to the world of sustainable cuisine. In this second edition, they managed to bring together outstanding international women speakers, including the Brazilian Manu Buffara, as well as Fatmata Binta and the Peruvian Mónica Huerta. Other great cooks who will be at the FéminAs 2022 Event are Najat Kaanache, Noélia Jerónimo, Cristina Bowerman, Carito Lourenco and Carolina Sánchez.

The Second Congress of Women and Rural Gastronomy: FéminAs 2022 was organized by Vocento Gastronomía and promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Tourism. Its programs and activities are multiple examples of gastronomic cultural protection that women achieved with their determination and capacity of their own food houses. From The Woman Post, we are eager to know what new talents women and what type of gastronomy they practice for 2023.

Manu Buffara, the Expressions of Love in the Kitchen

Manu is a leader in sustainable cooking who wants to transform people's lives by proposing community gardens and the recovery of American bees. Manu created a group of women chefs from the health crisis who exchanged with solidarity producers to provide food to vulnerable people. In addition, she expressed that it is not unrealistic to raise the kitchen as a tool for social change.

Fatmata Binta, Happiness in Your Kitchen

The leader Fatmata joins the Congress, which vindicates women in the kitchen and promotes the "Fulani Cuisine in the world." Chef Binta has optimized her dining experience through her pop-up meals. However, her specialty is Fulani culture and African food. In addition, she believes that the African fonio can give a turn to world food.


Mónica Huerta, Spicy Flavors With a Feminine Touch

The chef constantly seeks to highlight with her various meals the flavor and value of her typical products. The leader is a woman recognized in Peru for her dishes and aims to show her virtues in other countries.

Forcefully, these three women teach us that cooking is a traditional culture of each nation that we share with a love for life and nature. In addition, each talent studies the history of their species and the ingredients that are part of their identity.

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