3 Women Who Led the European Music Scene

The Woman Post invites you to meet three women with formidable musical talent. Their experience in the music industry has led them to stardom and succeed in their lives.

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An article published by Marina Prats reveals two studies that assure that there are only 6% of women DJs in the music industry. The data collected from both analyses show that the gender gap in the musical field for women is only 37%, and that percentage reduces to 14% in discographies.

The study conducted by the Association of Women in the Music Industry (MIM) 2021, together with the Annenberg studio in collaboration with Spotify, showed that 1 in 5 artists on the hit list is a woman. In addition, it shows that in the world, there are 20% of women main artists, 21% of women collaborating artists, and 7% of women DJs and remixers. The findings indicate that 13% of women producers. However, 10% earn less than the average male salary, and 5.9% have suffered workplace harassment.

Gender inequality and gaps are recorded in the report, with 70% of women in the music industry. These figures assume on the part of companies a problem of precariousness that has increased over the years. However, in recent years, essential transformations have been in sight for women, girls, and adolescents.

Women Who Are Forgotten by Discrimination

The study "Women in Music, Silenced by Gender Inequality," conducted by UN Women in 2019, revealed the differences between women and men in the music industry. The figures collected emphasized that women artists and composers were discriminated against and had unfair salaries. Neeta Ragoowansi, a lawyer and member of the NGO Women in Music, an organization that discusses and solves challenges of women in music, expressed that discrimination, sexual harassment, scarcity of opportunities, the wage gap, and lack of visibility are very common in the music industry, especially for women.

The 2018 Women in Music event showed that out of 1445, only 76 concerts were classical music and included a piece of music composed by women. Veronica Sabbag, a diplomat of the European Union and founder of the NGO United Voices 4 Peace, mentioned that when people think of classical music, they think of Mozart and Schubert. People are not able to quote a woman.

The Angelic Voice of the Famous Vizcaína Izaro

The young singer-songwriter has a lively, danceable, Latin, and pop rhythm, with brass scenes and catchy harmonies. Izaro debuted her first album "Om" in 2017 and the second album "Eason" in 2018. Recently, she released "Limones en Invierno," an album that includes the song "Libre," which is at number 2 on the sales chart. The musical leader is born in Mallabia and expresses that if we lose hope, we lose everything, with the sole purpose of getting ahead when we are in danger.

Marie Ulven Ringheim, Emotions of a Girl in Red

Marie Ulven Ringheim is a girl who writes, sings, composes, and is a record producer of music with a European indie style. Marie is one of the few women who trained professionally in music production and songwriting at the Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication, and Technology. Thanks to this and years of dedication, she uploads songs of her authorship to SoundCloud, which is why she is a leader of famous music in Norway.

In the album "If I Could Make It Go Quiet," she deals with the scariest parts of herself. In addition, Girl in Red lives with the pain of knowing that she is only flesh and blood. With this album, she seeks to show her feelings openly, even in the darkest parts. Not only has SoundCloud seen her talent, but also Spotify announced that Girl in Red would be its next radar artist.


The Charisma of Beatrice Kristi Laus (Beabadoobee)

Filipino-British singer Beabadoobee performed at Coachella, one of the year's largest music festivals. The young professional started with early life in the music industry and has more than 300 million streams on Spotify. Although she is just a teenager who learned by watching tutorials on YouTube, this does not stop her from the various releases and awards she has achieved. Currently, she has on her Instagram account several short TikTok videos where she shows her music, personal life, and above all, her charisma in an Indie rock, Space rock, and Pop-pop style.

These girls have had a journey as artists and composers. Forcefully, these women have led the whole world with their music and constantly share their brilliant works in the media and on social networks. However, the gender gap that has taken root in the music industry is overwhelming. Therefore, we must join forces and work so that more girls and adolescents fight to eliminate the gaps.

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