This is what the authorities found in Cristina Fernández properties

According to former president of Argentina, the authorities took her presidential band. Here you can find what else they found during the raids

This is what the authorities found in Cristina Fernández properties

On Thursday, August 23, the Argentine justice began the raids on the properties of the former president of Argentina and current senator of the nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. This is a measure that is part of the investigation that is advanced by the corruption known as the "bribery notebooks", which have to do with eight notebooks that, according to the justice, belonged to Oscar Centeno, former driver of Roberto Baratta, former public official of the Kirchner government.

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In them, says the Clarín, "addresses, figures, dates, names and movements of officials and businessmen who, supposedly, were regularly found to deliver and receive bags with millions of dollars from bribes in public construction and energy contracts are detailed". The newspaper La Nación was the one who revealed to the world the annotations made by Oscar Centeno.

What has been found in the raids on the properties of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner?

In one of the homes of the senator, located in the city of El Calafate according to the authorities, a vault was found in which there were several electronic devices, CDs and folders with information about Claudio Bonadio, the magistrate who is in charge of the case and advances the investigations to Kirchner. In addition, papers were found with information about the ex-wife of the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman, Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, among other politicians.

The uniformed also seized a Honda CRV gold truck of plates IFU999, belonging to the former president. The presidential band of Kirchner was also seized by the authorities during the different judicial procedures approved by the Argentine Senate.

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Another property raided by Kirchner is her house in Recoleta, a prestigious sector in Buenos Aires. According to statements made to La Nación by an official who participated in the operation, "the dressing room has an armored door." Although the detail caught the attention of the authorities for what could have been hidden behind the door, nothing of value was found.

In the property in Río Gallegos, in the province of Santa Cruz, raided by Bonadio's orders, another vault was found that according to the lawyer Silvina Martínez in a brief filed before Judge Claudio Bonadio, "this is a space that could serve to save the millions of dollars and euros that were sent in airplanes to Santa Cruz."

"I just found out that among the objects that Bonadio ordered to kidnap from my house in El Calafate were the presidential bands and canes of Néstor and mine, the violation of rights and guarantees without limit," said the former president.

LatinAmerican Post | Edwin Gustavo Guerrero Nova

Translated from "Esto encontraron las autoridades en las propiedades de Cristina Fernández"

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