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Venezuela And The US: New Immigration Agreement For Air Deportations In The Midst Of The Crisis

Venezuela confirmed the signing of a migration agreement with the US for air deportations .

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Venezuela and the United States signed an agreement on migration to carry out, in an "orderly, safe and legal" manner, repatriation flights of Venezuelans from the North American country, the Government of Nicolás Maduro reported this Thursday, after the Executive of Joe Biden will announce the resumption of this formula, suspended years ago.

In a statement, the Venezuelan Executive noted that this agreement was reached after several "sustained conversations" with US authorities, and noted that "it will deploy, through its 'Vuelta a la Patria' program, the necessary resources for comprehensive care" of the repatriates.

According to official data , with the "Return to the Homeland" plan, more than 342,000 Venezuelans, who "were going through difficulties abroad," have returned to their country in the last five years.

Caracas assured that Venezuelan migration is a "direct consequence of the "illegal" application of "unilateral coercive measures and the blockade."

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Moment of migration crisis

The announcement comes amid an increase in arrests of people attempting to cross the US-Mexico border irregularly, with more than 180,000 migrants detained in August alone.

Venezuelans are one of the groups that have contributed to this increase: in June, 11,506 people of this nationality were detained and in August this figure rose to 22,172.

The US authorities could not, until now, deport to their country Venezuelans who did not meet the requirements to remain legally in the US.

Officials of the North American country indicated that they have already identified "several individuals" who are in their custody and who will be sent back to Venezuela on a first deportation flight "in the coming days."

According to the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela (R4V), some 7.32 million Venezuelans left their country in recent years.

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