Why Juan Guaidó Has Lost Relevance? The Future of the Venezuelan Opposition

The Venezuelan opposition leader has recently suffered attacks and has lost support. Juan Guaidó is left more and more alone.

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These are not easy days for Juan Guaidó. The current president in dispute of the National Assembly of Venezuela and the main opposition leader of the regime of Nicolás Maduro was recently attacked by a group of Chavistas in the midst of a massive opposition rally in the state of Cojedes Guaidó was at the purpose of the tour that it carries out in the territory to reinforce its message and not lose adherents.



In this regard, he was expelled from Cojedes between insults and shoves. People no longer trust Guaidó, his popularity has been in free fall, he has not even been able to disturb Nicolás Maduro and Venezuelans barely recognize the young politician who broke into the resistance in 2019 and who became known throughout the continent.

Maduro continues to lead the country and continues to have the support of the Armed Forces, which is why Guaidó has found it practically impossible to achieve any real or symbolic victory. There is a lot of pressure put on someone who, when he took office, promised many changes and substantial modifications, but who, four years later, has not been able to modify the reality of Venezuela.

He’s Getting More and More Alone

At the beginning of the year, Juan Guaidó renewed his term as interim president for another year, but, unlike other times, people did not care much about that news and it went unnoticed. It is known that the worst thing that can happen to a politician who seeks to mobilize large masses is that he loses support, has conflicts within his circle and that he no longer sounds so reliable or sure of the speech he seeks to convey.

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Here comes the despair of people who see that, after the emergence of a new leader who can compete with Nicolás Maduro, he has been left empty of content, without great ideas, without the power to convene, and without taking off. For this reason, its presence has already lost the weight it once had.

Even at the international level, it’s poor handling of internal management has caused it to lose relevant foreign support. In January of this year, the European Union confirmed that it could no longer legally recognize Juan Guaidó as the country’s president, but that it would continue to support the opposition leaders who were in the “fight to return Venezuela to democracy.”

The United States continues to be the main support for the 38-year-old, but not as effusively as former US President Donald Trump showed. With Trump, he even met at the White House, while with Biden there have only been phone calls. Although this should not be overlooked that Juan Guaidó is currently recognized in more than 50 countries throughout the globe as the president of Venezuela.

What is the Future of the Venezuelan Opposition?

The loss of one leader means the assumption of another or another on many occasions and, given the loss of support for Guaidó, there are people who are seeking to lead the path of the Venezuelan opposition in the face of the 2024 presidential elections. To this is added that the management they have had so far in the opposition is no longer enough for citizen demands or to suppose a strong and determined contrast that could worry Maduro.

The political scientist Nicmer Evans seems to be an option, especially after a few weeks ago the Democracy and Inclusion Movement (MDI) – contrary to Chavismo – nominated him as a presidential candidate and as an option to compete in possible primaries that are ” broad and inclusive” in the sector. Evans is the national president of the MDI and founded this movement.

And if what they are looking for in the opposition is a candidate far from the old and traditional politics, Lorenzo Mendoza appears. He is an industrial engineer and businessman, and president of Polar companies, which in turn is one of the main producers of food and beverages in Venezuela. The opposition would welcome his candidacy, since he enjoys popularity among the people, is hated by the ruling party, and is far from politics, so eventually, he should not produce rejected by the citizens.

But the scenario is uncertain, and while Nicolás Maduro continues in the Miraflores Palace, Guaidó has been weakening and is no longer able to unite an opposition that increasingly seems to be more fragmented. Evans or Mendoza can be his successors, but they would have to have a clear plan, with defined objectives and applicable strategies that allow them to be achieved, or they will end up in the same way as Juan Guaidó.

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