Women Wage Peace: No More Borders, a Single Ideal

WWP is a non-partisan movement made up of women citizens of Israel, formed shortly after the Gaza War in 2014.

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WWP's purpose is to prevent war and propose a nonviolent solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, promoting mutual agreements, encouraging cooperation between women Israelis and Palestinians, who believe in values ​​such as respect, reaching stable solutions.

Under the principles of resolution 1325 of the United Nations Security Council, their goal is to exert influence on political figures and leaders of mobilizations to achieve through them agreements that include women in the planning centers, being an active part in the decisions, and in negotiations.

All those women who identify with these principles can join this movement: Mutual respect, cooperation, and shared leadership, who wish to act with perseverance and firm determination.

WWP is an example of solidarity and sharing a single ideal, leaving aside barriers such as ideologies, cults, and borders. The activities that they organize and participate in include, on the one hand, exerting pressure from public opinion on the factors of power to reach an agreed agreement. And on the other, broadening the ranks, incorporating partners from different communities to highlight their presence in public spaces with posters, propaganda, and striking clothing.

For the Women Wage Peace movement, it is clear that the media, technology, messages on social networks, and channels such as YouTube will give their voices greater impact. This will unite more women every day and fulfilling what motivates them: Recover hope and create the conditions for women, our children, and future generations to live a sensible life in the framework of peace.

This is how Hebrew, Muslim and Christian women have embarked in Israel together on a path for peace. Israeli artist Yael Deckelbaum is who sings the official song "Prayer of the Mothers," whose message undoubtedly provides inspiration and motivation for those who wish to join this movement. In the official video, thousands of women of various beliefs and religions are seen walking together in Israel, uniting their voices, steps, and souls, proclaiming their ideals towards achieving a territory of peace. The video includes a message of support from Leymah Roberta Gbowee, a Liberian peace activist who leads a nonviolent women's peace movement, Liberian Women's Mass Action for Peace, which helped end the Second Civil War from Liberia in 2003.


On March 25, this historic partnership between the Israeli Women Wage for Peace and the Palestinian Women of the Sun will be officially launched at a ceremony near the Dead Sea.

"We, women and mothers from both sides, who live daily the pain of war, have decided to say ENOUGH and do everything possible to end the conflict and influence the leaders of both sides to resume negotiations. Come and participate in this historical event; Let's create a new reality!"

To join the live broadcast of the ceremony at 11:00 am (Israel time), use this link:

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