Latin America: Grow your Print Business with WhatsApp

Let’s take a look at how WhatsApp can help an online print store to grow.

Let’s take a look at how WhatsApp can help an online print store to grow.

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With over 1.5 billion monthly users of WhatsApp across 180 countries, it’s undoubtedly one of the top messaging platforms around and in Latin America too. Around 93 percent Mobile phone internet users in Brazil and 84 percent in Argentina use WhatsApp Application. For future growth, integrating web-to-print store with the WhatsApp Business API may be one of the smartest decisions print businesses can make for.

Let’s take a look at how WhatsApp can help an online print store to grow.

Features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an API that enables businesses to use special WhatsApp services geared towards commerce. Any business with a Facebook Business Manager account can sign up for through a verified WhatsApp partner. Once the API has been integrated with the various marketing outlets and CRM tools, it can facilitate the promotion of the online print store.

Let’s check key features of WhatsApp Business.

QR Code

WhatsApp Business allows a registered online print store owner to create unique QR codes that can be added to websites, billboards, flyers, and other materials. Customers can scan it and be redirected to the WhatsApp Business channel.


WhatsApp recently launched its Catalogs feature for businesses, enabling them to showcase their product list on the app itself. This way, print businesses can attract more customers.

Moderated Groups

WhatsApp Business enables the creation of bot-moderated groups of up to 125 people, where print business owners can quickly share promotional contents. The bot moderator helps to filter out spam and can auto-close the group once the conversation is over.

Automated Messages

WhatsApp Business allows for automated messages to be sent out based on a set of triggers. For instance, it can notify the customer of order movement whenever there is an update from the shipping partner, or send out a reminder message when a customer abandons their cart.


WhatsApp Business enables the creation of interactive chat templates based on the buyer’s journey. Customers can enter quick answers based on prompts given by the chatbot (such as a yes/no option) and be guided through the selection and buying process much faster.


Every communication and transaction on WhatsApp are secured by end-to-end WhatsApp encryption. This keeps information safe and enables trust-building.

Effective Ways to Use WhatsApp Business in 2022

The first and biggest advantage of WhatsApp Business is that most customers already have WhatsApp. In fact, a recent Facebook survey found that 53% of customers would be more likely to buy from a business that had a presence on a messaging app like WhatsApp.

An online print shop owner has many ways to capitalize on this ubiquity and expand its marketing and customer experience. Here, we discuss some of the possibilities of WhatsApp Business for print stores.

1. Lead Generation

Business owners can share advertisements with QR codes on TV, the newspapers and other media, so that interested viewers can instantly start a conversation over WhatsApp. There is also the ‘click to WhatsApp’ feature that Facebook offers, by which customers can immediately be redirected to the WhatsApp Business channel.

2. Product Demos

One of the most effective ways to use the WhatsApp Business API is to share short product demo videos. Customers who are curious about how the web-to-print model works can get a quick preview on their phones. The convenience of this feature increases conversions, as prospective buyers can quickly see for themselves how the system works.

3. Seamless Marketing

By integrating with your current CRM, WhatsApp can seamlessly expand your marketing and promotional activities by automatically sending promotional content to your WhatsApp contact list. This saves the trouble of sending separate emails and also ensures that more people actually see the marketing content. A key feature that print business owners can use is WhatsApp Status, which currently being used by over 450 million active users.

4. Quick Payment Through UPI

Today, UPI payments are gaining vastly in popularity for their convenience. WhatsApp Business enables quick, secure payments through the WhatsApp UPI itself. There are multiple options for doing so, including direct debit/credit, peer-to-peer payments and UPI-supported banks.

5. Order Status Updates

When integrated with eCommerce portals like Shopify or Magento, the WhatsApp Business API provides automatic updates on order status, including live order tracking, and can resolve queries much faster. This provides easy transparency on where each order is without the need to visit a separate tracking portal.

6. Assisted Shopping

By integrating the WhatsApp API with the web-to-print storefront, the WhatsApp business bot can draw upon each customer’s browsing history and store activity to provide personalised recommendations. This helps to speed up interactions and facilitate more purchases.

7. Customer Support

Customers who need help can simply drop a message on the WhatsApp Business number rather than having to submit a query via email or website. With the automated WhatsApp chatbot and its repository of FAQs, customers can get their questions and grievances solved much faster at any time of the day.

8. Notifications

Any important messages about order delays or delivery times, as well as notifications about ongoing or upcoming sales, can be easily shared via WhatsApp. Given that customers generally check WhatsApp often, they are likely to see these messages in time and avail of limited-period offers.

9. Collecting Ratings and Reviews

Any online print business will require testimonials to further promote itself. WhatsApp Business enables quick review collection through automated messages that ask the customer to rate their experience on a numerical scale or leave a short-written review.

Over to You

In conclusion, the WhatsApp Business API has manifold applications when it comes to providing a stellar buying experience. Web-to-print stores can expand their reach and offer one-on-one support through a single integration. At DesignNBuy, we offer an all-in-one online print store experience with integrations to eCommerce portals as well as CRM and business tools like WhatsApp Business API. Print businesses looking to expand their reach can connect with the support team at DesignNBuy at

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