Latin America Leads in Female Entrepreneurship

Approximately 49.6% of our world population is represented by women who are an important part of the social, cultural, and economic development of their nations.

The Woman Post | Margarita Briceño

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Highlighting women's role as entrepreneurs, given their broad creative capacities to achieve new businesses, especially in Latin America, place where the countries with the highest female entrepreneurship are evident, as indicated in the most recent report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

As a result of this, in recent years the economic empowerment of women has contributed 30% to the reduction of extreme poverty, which shows that the world has advanced with the inclusion of women in the labor market. We have always undertaken, simply what has changed is our chip, now we are and we think like entrepreneurs… The greatest capacity we have today is that we lost the fear of leading and owning our own voice," says businesswoman Andrea Liévano, professional of Public Relations and founder CEO of PRPARATODOS, with 10 years of experience in managing business Public Relations.


For its part, the World Bank affirms that women represent more than 40% of the economically active population in Latin America and the Caribbean, which is why countries like Colombia lead the promotion of gender equality in companies and a proof of this is Grupo Nutresa SA that has been opening its doors to gender inclusion, recognizing similar salaries for men and women who hold the same position. If you look at the government level, spaces have also been created through programs such as iNNpulsa Colombia, the national government's entrepreneurship and innovation agency, which activated this year 2021 the autonomous heritage created in the midst of the pandemic, to strengthen the entrepreneurship of Colombian women in all regions of the country through the Mujer Emprende Fund, which launches its first program, Núcleo E, aimed at rural and urban women who want to expand their business initiatives.

However, despite the importance that female performance has taken in the business world, there is still a lot to work on regarding their inclusion in the labor market, for this, it is necessary that the center of this business issue is not gender but in capabilities. When asked how she describes the current female entrepreneur, businesswoman Andrea Liévano responds from her experience as founder and CEO of her own project “I define her as an executive who has a purpose and understands what it is to lead, she exercises from reason, knows that the most important thing in a company is its human capital, which shares its values ​​and takes them around the world.”

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