Possible changes to be evaluated in the soccer regulations

Are the new proposals going to generate a more fluid and offensive soccer?.

Arsene wenger

The new ideas of change to this sport point to a more fluid and favorable game for the attacking team. Photo: Flickr-Gordon Flood

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With the appearance of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, although the projection is to maintain this change, soccer has undergone a great modification in its regulations. Player substitutions have been extended from three to five , to be made in no more than three interruptions per team during the game.

But these are not the only changes that this sport will undergo and this time it was Arsene Wenger, a former Arsenal coach of French nationality, who spoke on this particular issue. The ideas of the now member of the International Football Association Board, a department in charge of modifying soccer rules worldwide, point to a more fluid and favorable game for the attacking team. His project, to be presented in the next meetings, affects the throw-ins, the offside rule and the corner kicks .

Modifications in throw-ins

The renowned former English Arsenal manager pointed to a greater fluidity of the game by proposing that the throw-ins be made with the foot when they are in their own field. In this way, the time that is lost today when taking the ball, looking at who to give it to, and restarting the game would be saved. This proposal follows the principle of fast play free throws, without waiting for the judge's order, and renouncing the rival team's right of distance. With the ball stopped, a first and only contact is played by the player, and the game continues.

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Changes in the offside law

This is perhaps Wenger's most controversial innovative proposition. As of today, any part of the body that can play the ball (except the hand, arm and forearm, for example) that is in front of the last defender's line, results in offside. Many were the goals canceled by a VAR (Video Assistant Referee) review in which the shoulder or a foot in the air was in an unregulated position. The former coach's project reverses this rule. His stance, aiming for the game to have more risky plays, reverses this rule. Any part of the body with which the ball can be played that is in an enabled position, that is, behind the line of the last defender, validates the rest of the body . This would cause a player with his whole body in an offside position, but with his supporting foot enabled, to be in a position to score a goal.

Faced with this proposal, Gianni Infantino, current FIFA president, has been in favor . In his latest statements , the top leader has remarked that they are already evaluating Wenger's proposal.

Wenger's proposal for corner kicks

Either because of the wind or the effect that is printed on the ball, many times the parable of the ball when executing a corner kick causes it to leave the field and re-enter. For this reason, several plays and even goals have been canceled. In Arsene Wenger's proposal, if this happens, the game must go on. However, you have an exception. The continuity of the game is only allowed when the ball does not touch the ground while it is out of bounds .

There are other unofficial projects of alterations to the soccer rules. Aiming for the low amount of net play during a match , the one that is most maintained over time is stopping the clock every time play is interrupted. This happens in other sports, maximizing the performance of the playing time, and avoiding the mischief of the team that is ahead on the scoreboard to delay the restart of the match. What will be the reason for this proposal not being taken into account?

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