Meet the most important companies born in coworking spaces

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The benefits of coworking were key for companies like Uber to reach where they are now

Meet the most important companies born in coworking spaces

One of the most challenging trends to ignore in the current scenario of entrepreneurship is coworking. The concept is simple, but novel. Coworking consists of offering open spaces, where workers, mainly independent, from any industry and with projects in different stages of development, can share ideas and experiences to promote innovation. Generally, these spaces cover several floors in office buildings and sometimes even entire buildings.

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The argument used by many of the satisfied users of coworking spaces is that through interaction with other entrepreneurs and independents, new and more profitable societies are created, which also foster creativity and productivity.

Since the coworking spaces began to emerge, at the beginning of this decade, many enterprises have benefited from these attributes, some of which have become the most successful companies of today. Here we present some of the biggest companies that were born in coworking spaces:

1. Uber

Uber is the most valuable private company today, valued at between $ 80 and $ 90 billion, according to Bloomberg. Today, its name and function are well known to all, and this year it is expected that it will reach 110 million users worldwide. However, when it was hardly an idea, they could scarcely have paid for an office of their own. That is why Uber was born on the desks of the coworking space The Yard, in New York, and began its journey towards the disruption of world public transport.

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2. Instagram

According to Jefferies figures, Instagram profits this year could grow up to 60% this year, reaching $14 billion. This would mean that Instagram could represent 20% of the benefits of its parent company, Facebook, which acquired the popular social platform in 2012 for one billion dollars. The beginning of all this occurred in the coworking space Dogpath Labs in the city of San Francisco, which offered everything that the founders of Instagram needed to plant the seed of one of the most successful ventures of all time.

3. Spotify

The world's largest music platform, which revolutionized the music industry by capturing 100 million premium users and 217 million total users. In the RocketSpace coworking space of San Francisco, where Uber also managed to be at some point, Spotify laid the foundations of a disruptive and multi-million dollar business.

Why do businesses prosper in coworking spaces?

In his study Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces, the Harvard Business Review presented three reasons why coworking contributes to business development.

First, they emphasize the control they allow their users. Spaces such as Prime My Office, which has facilities in Bogota, Colombia, and Panama, offer large shared desks and comfortable rooms in which you can work together and make useful connections with other independents. But, if what is needed is silence, concentration, and privacy, Prime My Office also has private offices with all the accessories. It is precisely this flexibility that, according to Harvard Business Review, makes coworking work so profitable.

Besides, another of the benefits cited by this study is the possibility offered by coworking spaces to create communities. Gathering workers from different fields is important, but the only thing about coworking is that it also has the facilities to house them. In Prime My Office, for example, you can use meeting rooms, meeting rooms, and even auditoriums, to communicate ideas to others quickly and comfortably, but you can also go to the coffee bar to discuss new projects individually.

Finally, according to Harvard Business Review, one of the keys to coworking spaces is that they make those who work there feel that their work matters. Feeling the dedicated support of your coworking space is essential, as frequently, and as is the case with Prime My Office, they offer a dedicated support network with stationery and IT solutions, which will make you feel supported at all times.


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