Met Gala: know the most glamorous fashion event

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The most anticipated fashion event of the year arrives today, May 6, with a theme that will undoubtedly have something to talk about

Met Gala: know the most glamorous fashion event

The Met Gala is perhaps the most anticipated fashion event of the year. Leaving the traditional fashion weeks around the world comes The Costume Institute by the hand of Anna Wintour. Not only is it the most anticipated, but also the most exclusive, as the very editor of Vogue must approve each of the guests. This gala is an event to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York (the Met, hence the name).

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The exhibition tells a story, and each of its pieces must be related to it. Each year, the theme is different, and for months, several selected designers create clothes according to the topic. At the Met Gala, this exhibition begins, and the guests are the first to see it. The following months, the show is open to the public. But perhaps the most glamorous of the event are not your guests, nor the exclusive curatorship of the exhibition, but the costumes of those who attend.

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Being a fashion event, fashion is what you have to show. All attendees are dressed with items related to the theme of the exhibition and, the more pretentious they are, the better. Or if not, tell Rihanna, the queen of the Met Gala.

Camp, a challenging concept

Today, Monday, May 6, a new edition of the most anticipated fashion event of the year arrives at the Metropolitan Museum. Like every year, some characters are the stars of the night. On this occasion, Camp, Notes on Fashion, the name of this year's exhibition, promises to be a challenge for the costumes of all attendees. Gucci, headed by Alessandro Michele, will be the sponsor and star designer of this exhibition.

The inspiration for this year is Susan Sontag, a well-known New York writer: her essay, Notes on Camp, is the basis for the celebration of this gala. But Camp, unlike what you can think, has no relation to camping. Camp is the mixture between pop culture and the highest art, "the essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration," according to what was reviewed by Vanity Fair.

You could say that Camp is a premeditated chaos. Nothing happens by accident, but all part of an own character and unique style. According to Elle Mexico, "it's good because it's horrible. With this concise phrase, concludes the extensive exposition of the American writer on the complex sensitivity Camp, which is distinguished by enjoying the vulgarity, exaggerated anti-naturalness and appreciates with great seriousness the bad taste, within the parameters of those passionate about the good taste".

After this brief journey for what this basic concept of the exhibition means, perhaps we are even more confused and with less clues than we will see tonight at the gala. Because Camp can be anything, but never something simple or to get by. That's why this is perhaps the most challenging edition for attendees, because, as Andrew Costton, curator of The Costume Institute, said, "I think you've got an incredible sophisticated to understand camp- look at Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs."

What we do know is that fashion is a way to communicate: the Met Gala does it year after year. This time, the challenge is what will each of the guests communicate? and, even more, what will we find in the exhibition?

Pending their social networks because today, more than ever, fashion will be something to talk about.


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