Nuria Chinchilla Recommends the 3 F for a Sustainable World

Nuria's mission is to humanize companies and include the family at the center of decisions. In addition, to promote with added value the advancement of the female gender in management positions.

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The actions of this leader guide you to get better results to achieve an eye-opening perspective.

Who is Nuria Chinchilla?

Her start as a full-time teacher at IESE began in 1984 as the founder of the IESE Women in Leadership initiative. Her spaces of specialization are related to women and leadership. She devotes her valuable time to promote female talent. She recently works on research papers, articles, books, studies, cases, and technical notes, but is focused on the ninth report of Women on the Boards of Listed Companies in 2021, according to the official website of the IESE Business School University of Navarra.

This inspiring woman seeks to make widely known the theory of motives with positive and negative learnings. She is a great expert who investigates with her theories how to place value on the gaze of young women. An article published in the journal Harvard Deusto by Nuria Chinchilla points out that women cover more activities than men, between 2 and 10 times more. In this context, if the female gender stops performing its daily tasks, the world would come to a complete stand. That is why it expresses that the economy needs to be reviewed from a female perspective, with balanced success in their professional, family, and personal trajectory.

The Leader Incorporates a Feminine Look in Companies

Today's companies are one-eyed because they see the evolution of these with the male eye. However, the capacity of the companies of tomorrow is the gender diversity that is supported by the female perspective. Actions make societies have a broader vision and future perspective.


The Positive Link of F’s to a Sustainable World

In the relationship of the F, the word diversity is compromised that becomes the new corporate buzzword. This system suggests creating solutions in the plurality of problems, only with female performance and increase. That is why the leader proposes the 3 F's to address all sectors where the voice and judgment of a woman with high potential for balance are required.


This strategic point is a trait that is considered to be typical of women. However, a study published in the journal Espiga by Blanca Sojo Mora states that femininity does not respond to any natural essence, it results only from the ideological and practical discourse on the subject in question. On the other hand, Nuria Chinchilla considers that this F should go in the company of 2 C, that is, complementarity and care of people. It also envisages a humane society between men and women.


Another of the F's is undoubtedly family, a double mission and a commitment that is generated from love. Home is the center of a productive, sustainable, and happy society. This great responsibility provides ease in the human context and all social spheres. On the other hand, the leader considers that this F must go together with 2 C, specifically, competencies and co-responsibility are two values that people require to have suitable skills in their journey.


Finally, the last F tests the confidence and commitment to continue a full life flexibly. This group of comprehensive strategies between F and C guide all generations to a humanized world where privilege will always be found in them, according to Dolors Massot.

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