Perfect Music Albums to put in the Background While you Study

Are you one of those people who study with background music? Nothing better than choosing the perfect kind of music to focus and increase your productivity.

Cover of the album 'Engaña' by Gustavo Cerati and 'Four Out of Five' by Arctic Monkeys

We decided to select discographies of bands and artists that are perfect to achieve that climate you need to study efficiently. Photo: YT-Gustavo Cerati, YT-Arctic Monkeys

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Learning to study is a habit. There are thousands of different study methods, but it always requires one important question: concentration. This can be a problem for music lovers who do not want to spend hours "in silence" and need to listen to songs that also allow them to internalize knowledge .

However, it is important to mention that not all musical genres have the same effect on people. Just as there are records that could deconcentrate you, there are others that could generate an atmosphere that helps you to study. Against this background, we decided to select discographies of bands and artists that are perfect to achieve that climate you need to study efficiently.

Ella and Louis – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (1956)

We start with an ideal genre to start studying with background music: jazz. We are referring to classical jazz, which has different artists of great importance. Among them, there is a man and a woman who stand out: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Curiously, both artists had a musical meeting which materialized in Ella and Louis, one of the most iconic albums of this genre. The album was a huge success and will allow you to discover the best of one of the most popular styles throughout history.

With 11 songs, divided into two “sides”, the most iconic is Cheek to Cheek, which you have probably heard countless times. Perfect to live a "retro" style that will not disturb you in your study.

The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground (1967)

The Velvet Underground was a very famous American band, especially in the 60s and 70s. Well, a large part of their success occurred with their debut album, which experienced unusual success. This was to the point that the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine ranked it as the thirteenth Best Album in History .

Its cover is emblematic, to the point of being considered the “Banana Album”, as it was a painting made by the iconic artist Andy Warhol, the band's manager. With an experimental rock style, it is characterized by having a completely relaxing atmosphere, with almost hallucinogenic sounds.

It is an incredible option when you need to expand your mind and find new sounds that will relax you.

The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd (1973)

Pink Floyd is one of the most experimental bands in history. The truth is that this album is not only one of the fan favorites, it is also one of the most popular in history, as it has managed to sell more than 50 million copies. It is a thematic album with 10 songs that address complex themes.

All the instrumental pieces combine an incredible voice, eclipsing instruments and sound effects that recreate a psychedelic atmosphere that could never be matched. This album marked a before and after in the industry, as innovative recording techniques were used at that time, such as multitrack recordings and loops.

The result is absolutely great. It is an album that must be heard from beginning to end, which will also help your concentration.

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Bocanada – Gustavo Cerati (1999)

Gustavo Cerati's music is one of the most relaxing in Latin America … and this album is living proof of it. It is his second solo work, which quickly became one of the essentials in our region. The singer's unrivaled voice blends seamlessly with seductive instruments.

Throughout its 15 songs, there are some iconic themes such as Engaña, Puente, Beautiful, Perdonar es Divino and Paseo Immoral. Here you can see many elements of the neopsychedelia that are especially recommended to generate a reassuring atmosphere when studying.

It is perfect for you to put it in the background and have a harmony that fits perfectly with what you need when studying.

Tranquility Base, Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys (2018)

The last work of the iconic English band that made a complete difference from their previous discography. This production was a radical turn in the musical style, as this group was always characterized by having classic rock sounds, although here the style changed completely .

This album is completely conceptual and takes a lot from dystopias. In its 11 songs, you will see an incredible style of space pop and glam rock, which generates a sci-fi atmosphere. You will feel like a true guest of the place where all the events take place, while you let yourself be carried away by a seductive voice and some instruments that fits very well.

Undoubtedly, one of the most recent jobs you need to discover if you are passionate about “traveling” musically to a quieter place, perfect to increase your productivity.

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