Revista Semana is betting on digital journalism

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The new agreement of Gilinski Group with Publicaciones Semana opens an opportunity for the creation of an economic portal that is competitive and comparable to Bloomberg

Revista Semana is betting on digital journalism

Jaime Gilinski Bacal, the owner of Gilinski Group, has been listed as the second richest man in Colombia, according to Forbes, in 2018. With a wealth exceeding 3,500 million dollars, the business group has acquired brands such as Yupi, Rimax Plastics, and GNB Sudameris. Through the acquisition of the aforementioned brands, the group managed to put itself in the national and international market in a predominant manner by being recognized as a good manager of its shareholding package.

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During the last month, a new strategic shift has been seen in the business group, acquiring in 50% the shares of Publicaciones Semana and appropriating, in the same way, the digital economic and financial portal, Primera Página (PP). The acquisition of both communication platforms provides an important opportunity for the group, in terms of an increase in the coverage of the country's economic events through a large audience, which would represent a new leap towards the success of the business group for this 2019.

Similarly, the merger of Money with First Page, which would seek to unify the magazine with the digital platform, was announced. This change is for the purpose of offering a variety of expanded services in news, data and figures issues. On the other hand, the possibility that the dissemination of information occurs through the implementation of new tools related to information through economic technical analysis and stock information on the stock exchange is also discussed.

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With the trajectory of Dinero and the Primera Página platform, the merger of these large information issuers would provide an opportunity for the implementation of new strategies within Gilinski Group, which would allow the creation of an information service in Latin America that would be equivalent to Bloomberg in the United States. In this way, the leadership of Money and Week in terms of journalism can be channeled into new digital technologies through Primera Página.

First, digitalization

The creation of the new economic portal will make it easier for its users to obtain access to robust information, with registration and easy access online. The new business movement of Gilinski Group highlights the need for the inclusion of digital platforms in traditional journalism and seeks to create a visible opportunity for Latin American information portals to be competitive with the needs of today's consumers.

From an interview conducted by La República, Alejandro Santos, Director of Semana, mentions that with the arrival of Gilinski Group and the new merger agreement with PP, "the leadership that has had and has Week in Colombia from the point of view journalistic will now have a technological leadership in the digital world to compete with the great international players. "

It is highlighted that the new strategy implemented by Gilinski Group would give the opportunity to renew Money and First Page to position itself as a comparable portal to Bloomberg and other international media.

Currently, Publicaciones Semana is "the seventh largest media company in Colombia, with operating revenues in 2017 of 85,259 million pesos" adds Juan Manuel Vargas, a journalist from El Tiempo. Therefore, it would be expected that its operating revenues would increase in 2019 with the incursion in digital platforms.


LatinAmerican Post | Alejandra Caballero

Translated from "Revista Semana le apuesta al periodismo digital"

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