Sending a message in a potato? 5 weirdest startups!

From shipping snow bottles to a parking for dogs, there are not crazy ideas to start a company

Sending a message in a potato? 5 weirdest startups!

If ever, you or your friends have come up with an idea to solve a problem and did not make it happen fearing it was too far-fetched, perhaps you should reconsider. In the world of startups, no idea is too crazy.

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The accessibility offered by technology and the variety of ways in which you can finance your project has facilitated the creation of entire companies dedicated to providing products and services that you did not even know you wanted.

These are some of the strangest startups we found:

  1. Ship Snow, Yo!

Kyle Waring, a young man from Boston, and his girlfriend were tired of sweeping the snow that filled their yard every year. Frustrated with stacking snow, they made jokes by imagining how rich they would be if they could sell it to someone.

From this joke was born Ship Snow, Yo! , a funny initiative that sells polystyrene containers filled with snow to customers throughout the United States. Waring assures that the business has been successful, so much so, that they have had to expand since they no longer only sell snow from Boston, but they opened a second packing point in Denver, Colorado.

Ship Snow, Yo! sells containers of 10, 20 and 50 pounds of snow, reaching a cost of USD $229 for the largest presentation.



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  1. Dirty Rotten Flowers

How seriously do you take the lack of love? If the answer is a lot, then you should consider Dirty Rotten Flowers, a service that allows you to send withered and rotten flower arrangements to whoever you want. This business, which has been running since 2010 in Los Angeles, California, ensures that your feelings of revenge and disappointment reach those who deserve it.

In addition, Dirty Rotten Flowers allows you to attach a letter that says what you want, so there are no doubts about what this dismal gift means.

The most popular arrangement of Dirty Rotten Flowers, is called Morticia: a cluster of rotten and decapitated flowers would cost you only $30, a fair price to vent with your former lover.



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  1. DogSpot

Formerly called DogParker, DogSpot, is a service of houses for dogs, distributed around the city of New York, to leave your dog comfortable and safe while you do your shopping. The DogSpot houses have climate control, to adjust to the seasons, and have a video camera so that you, as the owner, can check how your dog is doing in his rented room.

According to the owner of this initiative, Chelsea Brownridge, in her interview with the Fortune portal, the visits of the dogs last on average about 15 minutes, and each house receives six to 10 visits per day.

DogSpot costs, 20 cents per minute, which for some owners is a reasonable price to have the peace of mind to leave your pet in a safe and comfortable place.



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  1. Potato Parcel

Perhaps the most notorious and successful startup on this list is Potato Parcel, the business that is dedicated to the distribution of personalized potatoes by mail. You can write messages of up to 130 characters and print photographs on a potato and send it to whoever you want as a gift, with only one disadvantage, Potato Parcel recommends not eating the potatoes they send.

This startup gained recognition in 2016, when its creator, Riad Bekhit, from San Francisco, took the idea to the Shark Tank program, where it received the backing of investor Kevin O'Leary.

According to CNBC, since Potato Parcel appeared in Shark Tank, it has sold more than 700,000 units, each one for 12 dollars, which made this startup a million-dollar idea.



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