There Are Times When We Just Need To Make Decisions

Around the world, women and girls are considerably underrepresented: From politics and entertainment to the workplace.

The Woman Post | Paula Rincón, Co-founder of Think & Talk

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A difficult idea to digest is the source of inspiration for these lyrics that I share below. I found them exploring one of the many documents shared by UN Women where it argues why "Around the world, women and girls are considerably underrepresented: From politics and entertainment to the workplace."

This forceful statement, accompanied by countless data that prove it, led me to a series of questions from my field, communication, such as what are we doing or not doing to make this our reality? or what should we women point to change it? And a couple more to whom I have dedicated a good amount of analysis time.

As I wouldn't say I like to leave questions unanswered, I agree with the entity on the relevance of women and girls' participation in finding solutions to the most critical challenges we face today. Therefore, I agree with the criticality that we are heard. I propose some paths that will surely help us get closer to this objective and our personal and professional goals.

The first of these is to work on a powerful idea, design it, and communicate it with such clarity and forcefulness that it helps us stand out and find our own voice. This is the path that many women who have impacted history have followed, it is not easy, but the results are exponential.

The second is to integrate capabilities to find in collective construction an engine to transform realities, use our ability to manage conflict or differences intelligently and conscientiously, and build relationships of trust. This is not a genre alternative; it is a community option.


A third option is to cultivate confidence in ourselves, in our ability and perception, to eliminate our limits and other people's. Why not make better use of those channels that serve so many people and do not cost us like social networks? It's essential to eliminate barriers such as their misuse and the generation gap. Other myths have been demolished by those who have demonstrated that it's time to democratize communication.

There are many opportunities that we can generate, and let's go to the data that confirms it: In 2021, there were 22 women heads of state from 193 countries, and according to business measurements in Latin America, until 2020, less than 10% of executive and managerial positions were held by women.

This does not mean that the path is easy, but the door is already open. The mission for those who see the possibility is to find a way to grow the numbers and go beyond statistics, making the best use of our unique abilities. As a great teacher taught me: We are not defined by statistics or paralyzed by excessive analysis.

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