The Dizzying Career of Olivia Rodrigo

Music's biggest night became a memorable moment for one of today's biggest pop-punk female stars: Olivia Rodrigo. The singer and songwriter made her Grammy debut after a whirlwind year of massive success following the release of her Sour album.

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As the night's Best New Artist, Olivia graced the Grammys stage for the first time to perform her mega-hit single "Drivers License" and revealed during her acceptance speech that winning a Grammy was her biggest dream yet. The talented artist also took home Best Pop Vocal Album for "Sour" and Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit "Drivers License." Not only has Olivia collected three Grammys, but she also has become the second-youngest singer to be nominated in big categories after Billie Eilish.

What's Next To Come in Olivia Rodrigo's Music Career?

While "Sour" themes reflect the younger years of navigating loss, heartbreak, humility, and feeling misunderstood, Olivia is making it known that she's ironically not a fan of the "tortured artist" persona. During a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Olivia teased what fans can expect about her forthcoming album and why it won't be filled with nearly as much angst as her first. The singer revealed to the outlet that her approach this time around is much different and admitted that the whole "starving artist" persona (which is a belief that the best songs come from a place of romantic suffering) is not what she wants to be known for. Olivia said, "If you're a fulfilled, happy person, your art can only be more whole and better received. So I like to subscribe to that mindset."

The singer's emotion-filled songwriting has captured the world, but she also shared that, looking back, she has a hard time relating to her former "Sour" content. Olivia even hinted that her next album would most likely not contain the themes of heartbreak and anger.


She said, "I'm definitely not as sad as I was when I wrote 'Sour.' I'm so excited to make my next record and explore more colors and textures and feelings and grow as a human being even more. I'm really stoked for that."

Even singing songs like "Drivers License" and "Traitor" was difficult to get through at first as they essentially reopened the painful wounds from her past. However, Olivia admitted that she has a little distance from them now. The young star explained that signing these songs now takes on a whole new meaning more than her therapeutic benefits. The songwriter even dubbed her "Sour" album as the "heartbreak that kept on giving" in her new Disney+ film "Driving Home 2 U."

Alongside Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo has become a new reference for young girls who want to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Although Olivia gained great success after starring in "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series," there's no doubt that her musical talent is what has taken her so far. The artist was 17-years-old when she composed the songs for her debut album, "Sour." Now that she is 19, Olivia keeps breaking records and making a name for herself. Her three wins during the 2022 Grammy Awards are nothing but the result of her art and ability to touch people's hearts through music.

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