5 tips for helping your baby to stop using a pacifier

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The pacifier is one of the most precious objects for a baby and leaving it can become a very complicated process. Here we give you some tips to help you achieve it

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Pacifiers are useful to make the baby feel calm thanks to the repetitive movement of suction which, being a natural reflex, generates satisfaction and tranquility. In addition, it has been proven that the pacifier offers several benefits for the baby, especially in its first stage of life. It is usually recommended that the pacifier is not be given until after the first month and a half of birth or until it is completely used to breastfeeding. Likewise, it is advisable not to allow the use of the pacifier after 3 years of age, as this could cause its development to be truncated as soon as it is used to suck when the suction reflex has already been lost.

We all know that detaching a baby from its pacifier is a complete odyssey, it is one of the most precious objects of its childhood. Therefore, in LatinAmerican Post, we bring you some tips to take into account when taking your baby's pacifier.

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1. Measure the time of use: you can set schedules for your little one to use the pacifier. In this way, it will get used to the fact that it can only use it at a certain hour and for a certain time. A good option is just to let them use it at bedtime. Thus, taking it off will be easier because when it falls asleep it will most likely fall out of its mouth.

2. Talk with your child: the most important thing in any type of relationship is communication, so it is highly recommended that you talk to your child and make it understand the reasons why it should leave the pacifier. Explain that you are growing and you must set aside certain things, but not making it feel bad for feeling attached to it, but making it understand that old things are leaving and new ones are coming.

3. Replace the pacifier: one of the things you can replace the pacifier with is the sippy glasses, with them your little one will not only suck, but they can also drink any beverage that they like. In addition, it will help them develop the use of their hands and their eyesight.

4. Cut the pacifier: a fun and interesting way to help it give up the pacifier is cutting every day a piece of this with a pair of scissors and passing it very quickly through fire to make it smooth. This way, your baby will know that eventually it will be over and it will be aware of it.

5. Less punishment, more goals: if your little one has a hard time giving up its pacifier, do not punish him, it is better setting goals. For example, if your baby does not use the pacifier for two days, you and your family will congratulate it and make a small celebration in its honor. Do not give it toys, as it will take this as an excuse for you to give it more things.


LatinAmerican Post | Vanesa López Romero

Translated from "Consejos para que tu bebé deje el chupón"

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