7 mistakes you should avoid in the postpartum

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We present here 7 common mistakes that you should avoid in the postpartum stage

 7 mistakes you should avoid in the postpartum

Although you are already accompanied by your baby and probably you are only thinking on sharing with him, postpartum care is extremely important for the recovery of your body. That's why we present here 7 common mistakes that you should avoid at this stage:

1. Make a diet to lose weight. According to the newspaper Ser Padres, although it is normal that you want to recover your body after a pregnancy, it is not advisable to lose weight without supervision of a specialist, especially because if you breastfeed your little one, there are several essential foods to benefit you. Also, if your diet is not rich in fruits and vegetables, you will most likely have some discomfort, such as constipation, for a longer time.

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2. Do abdominals too soon. The Baby Center portal recommends moving away from traditional abs, which, far from helping you get your dreamed abdomen, could lead to an injury to the pelvic floor and abdomen.

3. Speed sexual intercourse. Although each woman has a different process of recovery and healing, specialists recommend keeping the quarantine. Obstetrician gynecologist Laura Fijolek says that the ideal is to wait about six weeks after delivery: "If you try to have sex too soon, this will not only cause pain but could interfere with the natural healing process and cause a break that requires later a surgical procedure. "

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4. Do not ask for help. One of the most common mistakes is the superwoman complex: you think you are capable of everything, of taking care of your baby, organizing the house, having your job and satisfying everyone's needs. However, this will eventually take its toll on you, so the daily Mi Bebé y Yo recommends that you rest for at least the first month and let you help with everything you do not need.

5. Forget about the pelvic floor. The revision of the pelvic floor, which was the "nest" where the baby grew during pregnancy, is essential whether you have had a cesarean section or a natural birth to check the condition of the muscles, internal tensions and possible scars.

6. Forget your scars. Remember that, for your scars to heal without difficulty, you should not forget some basic care such as cleaning the area without rubbing and drying it very well to avoid moisture.

7. No to Chinese balls. "If the pelvic floor is not 'trained', it will not be able to support the weight of the Chinese balls and will have to make an excessive effort to keep them in place. This can generate important problems for women and provide pain in the perineum, "warn experts at the Vicetto clinic.

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