7 Nutritionists to Inspire Healthy Lunch Boxes for Boys and Girls

Bad eating habits in childhood can have severe consequences for health and adult life. That is why it is essential to promote healthy habits from childhood. We tell you about nutritionists who share recipes for healthy snacks and lunch boxes.

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The words of the director of UNICEF, Henrietta Fore, specify very well the consequences that a bad diet can bring: "If children eat badly, they live badly." There is no doubt that many foods consumed today need to meet the needs of children, and it is not common for parents to make healthy lunch boxes. Sweets have become a daily consumption snack in the lives of boys and girls. According to the WHO, it is recommended not to exceed 37 grams of sugar per day in childhood, equivalent to 7 teaspoons of sugar. However, a 500 ml Coca-Cola contains 55 grams of sugar.

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This type of eating habits can have severe consequences for the health of infants: such as poor school performance, overweight due to excessive sugar consumption, and a greater possibility of suffering from diseases. Luckily, many expert nutritionists in the field can help us improve our children's diet. This article presents a list of seven specialists who teach healthy lunch boxes and healthy eating to children.

1. Mariel Vera (@marielvera.nutricion)

Mariel Vera is a nutrition education specialist and owner of a company that prepares food for babies and children. This nutritionist teaches on her website ( what foods should be included in snacks for children under five. It also offers plant-based eating ideas for kids.

To do this, share some examples of healthy lunch boxes for children of this age: Oatmeal cookies, vegetable sticks, fresh cheese, boiled egg, fruit, and chickpea gummies are ideas.

2. Dr. Mauricio Quesada Carvajal

This expert doctor in nutrition affirms that the diet in the preschool and school stages directly influences physical growth and mental development. For example, he points out that a diet low in vitamin E causes drowsiness and a lack of concentration.

In addition, it considers essential to take into account some general recommendations when feeding children who are in the preschool and school stage:

  • Choose a comfortable and suitable space to provide food. A place with a table, chair, dishes, and cutlery can help make the eating process more fruitful.
  • Serve in small portions, and add food only if the child requests it.
  • Avoid very hot or freezing foods.
  • It is recommended to serve foods the infant prefers, along with new foods or foods he dislikes.

3. Juan Llorca (@juanllorca)

This professional is a lover of child nutrition and education. He is the author of the books: “En boca de todos” and “Sin dientes ya bocados”. It is a chef who helps parents solve concerns about their children's food. In her books and on her social networks, she shares valuable information related to the well-being and nutrition of the little ones.

An example is the downloadable files found on its website ( ), where most of these documents contain 15-day menus that help to have a good diet at home in a balanced, healthy, and economical. This is the case of the "Menu rich in vitamin D." There, he shares in a very detailed way the weekly planning for 15 days to increase vitamin D in the body of boys and girls:

4. Monica Bamonde (@tenu3)

Monica is a plant-based nutrition specialist. Within its contents, it explains that a good lunch box should avoid ultra-processed food, such as soft drinks, sweets, and foods that contain a lot of salt. It also states that snacks do not replace breakfast, lunch, or any main meal. In addition, all must comply with four food groups:

  • Vegetable protein sources such as soybeans, seeds, and nuts.
  • Sources of vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Cereals like oatmeal, granola, and whole wheat bread.
  • Moisturizing sources such as water and natural juices are low in sugar.

5. Leah Hackney (@ kids.nutritionist )

She is a nutritionist who shares quick and nutritious lunch box ideas. In these, he points out that it is essential that from a young age, we are aware of the importance of healthy eating. Likewise, it builds reflections on how to help children create a good relationship with food and nutrition.


6. Natalia Moragues (@moraguesnatalia)

This speaker, licensed in pharmacy and a specialist in the stages of childhood and pregnancy, is passionate about Baby Led Weaning (BLW), a complementary food created to incorporate solids and eliminate the phases of porridge.

In his social networks, he shares recipes and tricks for children to eat healthy in a fun way, complementary feeding workshops, and creative ideas to prepare nourishing foods during celebrations such as birthdays.

7. Lindsey ( @simplenutritionforkids )

This nutritionist from Australia and mother of two children share information on healthy snacks and lunch boxes to nourish the little ones. His ideas are practical and easy to develop, thinking about the rhythm of life of most fathers and mothers.

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