7 Podcasts For Movie Lovers

Are you a movie fanatic and do you also like podcasts? Here we bring you several recommendations that mix both themes and you will surely love them.

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We recommend seven unmissable podcast proposals if you are also a general movie fanatic. Photo: Unsplash

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Talking about cinema with friends and/or family is one of the many routines that we usually have day after day, something that has also become part of our culture even if we does it with little technical knowledge or with simple analyzes. Given this, and thanks to technological advances, specialized digital spaces have been created in the field that has opened up new possibilities for debates, critiques, and learning. They are podcasts and in this article, we want to recommend seven unmissable proposals if you are also a fan of cinema in general.

1. Nada Que Ver

Are you a fan of everything that Netflix releases? If you are one of those who has an account on this platform and sometimes you don't know what to see from its catalog, in this podcast, you will find analysis and opinions on all its content. It is worth noting that this space is exclusive and original from Netflix Latin America, also hosted by Luis Pablo Beauregard, Mariana Linares Cruz, and Trino Camacho, who advise viewers what to watch and why regardless of the genre.

2. Blank Check with Griffin & David

Sometimes we usually analyze or debate with someone about movies but without the sufficient seriousness that that requires, right? Well, a similar scenario happens in this podcast led by Griffin Newman and David Sims, two characters who bring out their comic side to talk about any production regardless of its genre. In 'Blank Check' you will find the ideal space to learn more about the film industry and its history in episodes of approximately 120 minutes. If there is a great way to learn something new, let it be with a smile on your face.

3. Cine Aparte, with Fernanda Solórzano

There is no better recommendation for a film podcast made in Latin America than that of Fernanda Solórzano. Writer, essayist, but above all film critic, the Mexican stands out for her slow voice and eloquence to examine in detail the current film, a strategy that has earned her thousands of followers. Either on Spotify or the Letras Libres YouTube channel (the magazine of which it is a part), each week it offers its in-depth vision of the seventh art both in writing and in podcast format.

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4. Scriptnotes

There is a detail that makes this podcast something special and unique: it is essentially aimed at movie scripts. Here, hosts John August and Craig Mazin discuss everything related to that topic, giving all kinds of advice to those who want to get started as screenwriters and, in addition, reading some script fragments that the writers send them to their show. On its website, you will find several episodes that address interesting topics such as copyright or how to deal with agreements in different projects. Safety pin!

5. Cine O'culto Podcast

One of the largest and most well-known projects that encompasses everything that refers to cult cinema, independent cinema, and auteur cinema is undoubtedly Cine O'culto. What began as a website with reviews, news, analysis, reports, videos, and interviews, did not want to be left behind with respect to podcasts and currently presents a unique space of its kind. Hosted by Luis Zúñiga, here we will learn more about those films that stand out for their rarity, without leaving behind those generalities of the world of cinema that everyone usually talks about.

6. The Rewatchables

The Ringer is one of the best-known entertainment media in the United States, and its popularity has been so great that several of its members launch a new episode of their podcast every week. Between animated jokes and reflective criticism, this space also presents us with a series of categories that make viewers think about what X movie with X actor would be like, as well as debate which is the best scene in a production.

7. Todopoderoso

From Spain, we recommend one of the most popular podcasts of today. Available on Spotify, Apple and YouTube, in each chapter you will enjoy the best data, analysis, and information on film characters in general and both current and classic films. The best of all is that you will feel from the first minute the good vibes of its drivers Arturo González Campos, Javier Cansado, Rodrigo Cortés, and Juan Gómez-Jurado, who are characterized by their extravagant humor.

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