10 books you must read before dying (Part Two)

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For children, for young people, for adults, for everyone! These are the 11 books you must read before dying

10 books you must read before dying (Part Two)

Reading has been known for centuries as the best form of entertainment and leisure, because it has the ability to take you to the past, to the future, to show you alternative realities of the present and to take you to real places and others that you would not have imagined even in the craziest of your dreams.

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For those of us who love reading, books have a strong emotional value and one of the things that worries us the most is not reading everything we want, as reading a book every week would still be impossible to read all the books that exist and that continue to occur. That is why when choosing what to read can support you in some recommendations.

Here we present 11 books that you should have next to your bedside table at some point in your life. In this second part we recommend books that you can approach between adolescence, until old age. It's never early or late to fall in love with a book!

5. In cold blood, Truman Capote


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Truman Capote is considered one of the best authors of the twentieth century. It has an extensive work that varies between story, novel and even explored the theater. In cold blood is perhaps his best-known work, it is a non-fiction novel based on the murders of the Clutter family in the hands of Richard Eugene (Dick) Hickock and Perry Edward Smith in Holcomb, Kansas.

For his writing, Capote made an arduous investigation from 1959 to 1966, the year in which the novel was published. With descriptions that put the hair on end and an almost perfect profile of the murderers, the author tells the previous days, the exact time and the days that followed the murder.

6. One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel García Márquez


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This is a book that cannot be missing in any list of this type. García Márquez tells a hundred years of history of the Buendía family and the town they created: Macondo. With touches of Colombian society, García Márquez managed to create a novel so complete that it marked a before and after in the literature of a whole continent : Latin America.

History is a thread that is interwoven among many other threads and that is marked by that strangeness that is not seen anywhere else that is not Latin America. It also tells historical facts without even mentioning them by their official name, which generates a sense of duality. And of course, it's hilarious! Reading One hundred years of solitude is, possibly, having the opportunity to be those hundred years, so that they have a second chance on earth.

7. Fever Dream, Samanta Schweblin


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Samanta Schweblin is perhaps one of the most important authors at this moment in Latin America. Over the years, she has been more recognized and a strong path is forming in the world of letters. How is it not going to be? Her narrative is a crazy thing, something that leaves one with his mouth open and his heart beating a thousand.

Fever Dream is the author's first novel and to summarize it in a few words is one of the most difficult things to do since it is characterized by the simplicity of rarity. It could be a novel about the mother-child relationship, or about one of the most important issues of the 19th century: the toxicity of the agro-industry, or it could be a horror novel about children, the partition and compromise of the souls

This book is all this and more. It is a novel extremely easy to read but at the same time, it generates a sensation of uncomfortable irremediable. It is an incredible reading experience and worth living.

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8. Passion according to GH, Clarice Lispector


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Let's put it this way: The passion according to GH is one of the best novels of the twentieth century and unfortunately is not the most recognized outside the literary circle, which is a pity.

The author, born in Ukraine but raised in Brazil, did a work that can not be overlooked: a confusing but impeccable language, a sense of confinement and at the same time freedom and a series of strange and banal facts, which end up being incredibly important, are the elements that make this book a book that can not be read. Its weight is strong and it is so deep that it can change your life if you are one of those people who believe that books change lives.

9. Maus, Art Spiegelman


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The debate still continues, is the graphic novel literature or not? We are convinced that it is and Maus is the clear example of yes. From an allegory where humans are certain types of animals, this graphic novel tells the story of Spielgelman's father, a Holocaust survivor. It is an extremely beautiful book and also very touching, but at the same time, it denounces the horrors of an era that marked the history of humanity.

10. Blindness, José Saramago



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Reading José Saramago is a matter of another world. This novel tells the story of a group of people who have to survive a phenomenon that has hit an entire city, perhaps the entire planet: white blindness that has no logical explanation. From this argument, the author deals with the animality of the human, its disorder when it is dispensed from power and the idea of a society that is blind without being physically blind. It is a reading that at the beginning can be complicated by its writing, but as it progresses it cannot stop reading.


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