10 women who redefine rap in spanish

Rap is one of the musical genres that is characterized by the ability and versatility of its artists to create rhymes and fill them with a lot of social messages.

Nathy Peluso, REbeca Lane and Gabylonia

These are some of the rappers who star in the music scene of this genre. / Photos: YT-Nathy Peluso, YT-Rebeca Lane, YT-Gabylonia

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It is no secret to anyone that hip hop has been embedded in an overwhelming way in Anglo culture in recent times. Rap is one of those musical genres that, although it does not have as much marketing as others, has an immense wave of loyal followers around the world who support its different exponents. It should be noted that the beginning for rappers was quite arduous, since in itself this music was always against the tide of contempt and social classes, not to mention that said industry has maintained the structures of machismo with which it grew up.

With that difficult panorama ahead and the intention to continue breaking down barriers, there were several pioneers who dedicated themselves to building a better path for the new generation, especially in the Spanish-speaking world. Names like Mala Rodriguez, Ariana Puello, Atitud María Marta, Melissa Contento, Diana Avella or Lianna are just some of the many that allow us today to speak of upward mobility. 

Talent, intelligence, versatility and the desire to create awareness in people are characteristics of the rappers that we bring together below. We know that 10 is a small number for the number of female exponents who use rap in Spanish as a source of truthful and forceful information. But these are without a doubt, redefining the genre.

 Spektra de la Rima

Without fear of being wrong, this Colombian rapper is one of the points of pride of the country thanks to the great work she has been doing, where she has done everything possible to make women visible on a stage where they were not taken into account. With nine years of career, this young woman stands out, among many things, for her fresh sounds, mixes of styles and of course her messages loaded with good vibes.


Representing Venezuela, Gabylonia is one of the exponents whose identity is incredibly powerful, this in large part due to her foray into the territory of street hip hop, as it is known in her country. Her lyrics and style shock you from the start, as they are loaded with a cultural context that results in a poetry that mixes honesty and sadness on different topics.


One of the best voices in the Dominican Republic. If there is something that characterizes her perfectly, it is her incredible flow, which allows her to sound perfectly at any rhythm. In addition to her good lyrics, Melymel has dabbled in all styles of rap. If there is something that also places her on this list, it is because she is the first female rapper in her nation.

Sara Socas

Socas is a true musical artist. Although she started in the world of rap in 2013, Sara also stands out for playing instruments such as guitar, piano and bass. During December 2019, she was the only woman to participate in the exhibition rooster battles in Mexico City, whose lyrical battle against rapper Rapder had a feminist charge that instantly turned her into a trend on social networks.


The music of this native of Mexico crosses borders. With studies in Philosophy and Letters, the compositions of this artist are worthy of admiration, since the themes in her songs address issues such as machismo or loneliness. It should be noted that Ximbo was part of the first female hip hop group in Mexico (TDM).

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Bellona MC

She is one of the pioneers of rap in Chile. From an early age she began to compose creative lyrics and rhymes, creating explicitly anti-patriarchal rap. In fact, she is also one of the representatives of the student movement in her country. Belona shows great interest and social commitment to themes inspired by the injustices of everyday reality.

Rebecca Lane

A true eminence of Central American hip hop. The Guatemalan woman carries feminist rap in her veins and is capable of lifting anyone's spirits with her powerful and inspirational lyrics. In addition to being a rapper, she is also a sociologist, poet and founder of Somos Guerreras, a proposal to make visible the work of women of the genre in the region.


For many, she is the best Mexican rapper. We are talking about an artist who has a fairly broad register, who does not set limits and is capable of delivering a compact work from beginning to end. In addition, her lyrics are so intense that it is worth listening to each of her songs carefully, not to mention that her style is as powerful as it is original.

The Joaqui

She is one of the many exponents of Argentina. La Joaqui started freestyle at the age of 18, participating in the world-famous Batalla de los Gallos. Even today, she is internationally recognized for being in charge of putting music to the TV series El Marginal, one of the most successful productions in her country and which shows the life of the most popular sectors.

Nathy Peluso

We cannot close this list without mentioning one of the trending artists of the moment.  Born in Argentina, she is today one of the most outstanding voices of rap in Spanish. And the fact is that if there is something Nathy has that the others do not have, it is her ability to combine Latin styles such as salsa, without forgetting the capacity she has in writing. Simply unclassifiable.

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