3 political dramas that you can watch on Netflix

Political drama has become a form of entertaining self-criticism that everyone loves. Here we bring you 3 essentials


Political dramas took the big screen at the beginning of 2000, with the tension between the United States and Russia. These films, more than dramatic, were for action.

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After September 11, 2001, tension turned to the conflict in the Middle East and to the concern generated by terrorism. This led to action films with the classic formulas of political action: an American hero travels to Europe to protect a secret, or to discover one, or to unmask a spy and thus save his country from an attack that the enemy was planning.

Now, the genre of political drama has evolved and has left behind the explosions to open the way to conspiracies and power games. Now, the plots of political dramas are much more complex, it is normal that this genre has migrated to the small screen, that is, to the world of series.

These series now explore not the struggle of a nation against its enemy, but look at the internal conflicts of a country. Latin America has joined this reflection. Thus, political drama has become a kind of self-criticism and a study of power and corruption. We bring you here three political dramas that you can see on Netflix.

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1. Ungovernable (Ingobernable)

Produced by Argos Comunicación, Ingobernable tells the story of the first lady of Mexico, who, after beginning to distrust her husband, undertakes a search for the truth behind her government, which contradicts her own ideals and initiatives to improve the living conditions of Mexicans.

It is starring Kate del Castillo, who during the filming was quoted by the Attorney General's Office to give explanations about her relationship with drug trafficker Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman. The first season was launched in 2017 and the second season is already on the platform.

2. The mechanism (El mecanismo)

This series has the police's formula: a retired agent who becomes obsessed with a case, the apprentice who helps him, and the investigation that ends up being something much bigger than they suspected. What's new: it's a Brazilian series, a country that is making its way on Netflix, and is based on the Lava Jato operation.

This operation was an investigation carried out by the Brazilian Federal Police of a car wash chain that was used to launder money. Around this investigation the corruption scandal that ex-President Lula carried out was unfolded.

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While the series takes liberties in the script and does not use the names of the characters on which it is inspired, it is easy to identify those who refer to Brazilian politics. Former President Dilma Roussef branded it as political propaganda. The viewer will judge after seeing it.

3. House of cards

It is one of the series most loved by the audience and is almost what positioned the platform as a producer. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, this series chronicles the rise of fictitious senator Frank Underwood to the presidency of the United States.

House of cards has been the center of several controversies. One of them, when the information leaked that Spacey was paid significantly more than Wright, whose role was equally important. The second, when in the middle of the #metoo movement, actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of abusing him in 1986.

Following this, Netflix dismissed Spacey and announced that the sixth would be the last season of the series and would be starring the first lady. It is expected that this season will be released in November of this year.

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