3 tricks to increase the duration of your makeup

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Discover how to prevent your makeup from being destroyed in a few hours, so you can go to your events without worrying

3 tricks to increase the duration of your makeup

Making your makeup last all day is an art, from the products used to the weather, are things that can affect its permanence. It is always important to take into account that the longevity of makeup is closely related to what you previously applied to your face.

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Proper preparation of the skin is essential to achieve a long-lasting makeup and perfect appearance. However, there are different techniques and tricks that can help you stay with makeup intact throughout the day:

Find the ideal moisturizer

Well-Hydrated skin will be a key step to achieve not only a fresh and pleasant appearance on the skin but will increase the durability of makeup on the face.

No matter how greasy or dry your skin is, you will always get an ideal cream and there lies one of the most important tricks to achieve the duration of makeup. The correct preparation of the skin allows the different products to adhere better to our face and therefore last much longer.

If you have dry skin, it is important to find creams that provide great nutrition and you can even mix it with a drop of some oil suitable for the skin, which will prevent the base from breaking on the skin due to its dryness.

If instead, you have oily or mixed skin, it is advisable to look for water-based moisturizers that can maintain controlled levels of grease in your skin. There are gel or liquid options, which can be ideal to avoid an excessive production of sebum on your face. Remember that not using a moisturizer will only make our body develop more fat and makeup melts in a short time.


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Apply and retouch very carefully

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to makeup is to apply the products by dragging the brush, sponge or fingers along the face. The ideal is to do it with touches, it is the ideal way to adhere makeup to each space of our face.

When retouching, it is important to avoid dragging the product and always do it with very small touches. If you feel some parts of your face greasy, you can take a napkin and dry in those sections with small touches, then with a thick brush, you can touch up with loose powder where you consider it necessary.

Under any circumstances pass your hands by the face during the day! Not only is it more possible to remove makeup, if you have oily or mixed skin you will increase the production of fat on your face.


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Always seal makeup

Sealing your makeup allows you to increase the duration and, in addition, give a touch of naturalness. There are different versions of makeup sealers that can adjust to your needs and those of your face, which aim to adhere to each product to your entire complexion.

Products like roses water or liquid moisturizers also offer you an option to seal, making makeup last much longer. To improve its effectiveness, you can seal the different layers of makeup you use, that is, seal in the first place after applying base and correctors and seal for the second time after finishing the rest of the products.


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Remember that each type of face is different. Both the duration and appearance of makeup will depend on the care you give daily to your skin, but these tricks can change the way you do things, did you know them?


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