5 fashion blogs that you should follow

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Fashion literature has migrated from magazines to the digital world. These are the most influential fashion blogs today

5 fashion blogs that you should follow

Although the significant publications on fashion are still significant within the industry (for that it is enough to see the power that within this world have magazines such as Vogue or Harper's Bazaar), knowledge of fashion has been democratized. With the internet and social networks not only more people have access to fashion content but now almost anyone can also generate content. This has grown the supply of bloggers and authors who reflect on fashion and its trends.

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In addition to the influencers that work more as trend markers, bloggers are responsible for reflecting around the industry and these trends imposed by the influencers. Since this is an industry that has long been trivialized and not taken seriously, it is very open to any publication or reflection that revolves around itself, and that helps to raise discussions about the world of fashion. Thus, fashion blogs have been able since the 2000 boom to be taken seriously from the industry and have acquired a power similar to that of traditional publications.

Here we bring you the fashion blogs that you should consult and follow.

Man Repeller



Una publicación compartida de Man Repeller (@manrepeller) el


"Where an interest in fashion never minimizes one's intellect." This is how this blog is described, which is probably a pioneer in the writing of fashion in the digital world. It revolves around the discovery of its editor that is that the most comfortable clothes for women are just clothing that repels men. So, from the beginning, there is a gender approach in this blog that asks why what women find comfortable and beautiful to men seems unattractive.

Modest Look


Una publicación compartida de AMIRA (@modestmira_) el


This is Amira, a British stylist, and influencer based in Manchester. According to Marie Claire, "Amira shows that you do not need to choose between modestly dressed and dressed in style (Amira proves you do not have to choose between dressing modestly and dressing stylishly)." His style moves between the trashy and the elegant glamorous. Besides being an influencer, she is also a sophisticated blogger who writes entries with constancy. You find your texts in your Blogspot account.

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Work Work Work


Una publicación compartida de Katherine Ormerod (@katherine_ormerod) el


Its editor, Katherine Ormerod, focuses on daily life and motherhood. She is also a stylist, entrepreneur, and writer. Her texts and reflections on fashion and her daily life as a mother and businesswoman are in her blog, Work Work Work, a project in which she reflects on different angles and perspectives of the fashion industry and in which she recommends small brands before anyone else that nobody knows.

She Does Him


Una publicación compartida de Allison Graham (@shedoeshim) el


"How a Jamaican lesbian found her niche in men's fashion (How to Jamaican Born Lesbian Found Her Niche With Menswear)." This is how Allison Graham, editor of the She Does Him blog, follows the trends in men's fashion and reflects on the gender division in fashion.

Bisous Natasha



Una publicación compartida de Natasha Ndlovu (@natashandlovu) el


It is directed by Natasha Ndlovu, a blogger based in London who has also served as a model and has published in other fashion publications other than her blog. In her texts, she shares beauty tips and predictions of trends that will come.


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