5 Latin American Artists who have Found Worldwide Success Singing in other Languages

The music industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive entertainment sectors. Fact that has generated changes in the positioning strategies of various artists who have decided to reformulate various authentic aspects of their music such as language.

Natalia Lafourcade, Prince Royce and Maluma

During the last few years, we have witnessed in Latin America the way in which many musicians in the region have adopted English as a means of transmitting or performing their songs. Photos: IG-natalialafourcade, IG-princeroyce, IG-maluma

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During the last years, we have witnessed in Latin America the way in which many musicians in the region have adopted English as a means of transmitting or interpreting their songs, understanding that this can catapult their musical projects, since being the most widely spoken language in the world the chances of reaching a wider audience increase.

Based on the above, Latin American Post brings a list of Latin American singers who have been successful singing in English

Natalia Lafourcade

Mexican singer-songwriter María Natalia Lafourcade Silva is one of the most awarded Latin artists in the last decade . During his career in music, Lafourcade has won a hundred awards for his versatility and talent; aspects that have helped it to position itself in the music industry of the American continent. To such an extent of that, in 2018, Disney selected her as one of the interpreters of the official song of the movie “Coco”, called “Remember me” , which she has performed in English on different occasions and for different platforms, taking the applause. and public admiration. This single won the award as an Oscar-winning song in 2018.

The Colombian was one of the first Latin American artists to make the decision to transfer her musical projects to the Anglo industry, all with the aim of expanding her music and achieving a greater reach .

The statistics support its insertion in the Anglo market, since in its first album, entitled "Laundry Services", sales surpassed the barrier of 10 million records sold . In the same way, her singles “Hips Don´t lie”, “Empire” and “Whenever, Wherever” surpass the figure of 100 million views on the YouTube platform , making Shakira one of the most influential Latin American singers in the English-speaking countries.

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Prince royce

Of Dominican descent, but born in New York, Prince Royce is part of this list thanks to his versatility and talent when singing in Spanish and English .

Within his young career, we can find a series of successful singles in English such as "Stand By me" and "Stuck on a Feeling" . The latter recorded song with the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg has more than 30 million views on the YouTube platform and managed to enter the prestigious list of the BillBoard Hot 100.

Ricky Martin

Considered by many as the Latino who opened the doors of the Anglo market to various singers in the region , the Puerto Rican has sold billions of dollars for his singles in English, with the album “Sound Loaded” the one that has collected the most with more than 7 million records sold around the world.

In the same way, their reproductions on the main video platforms confirm the benefits of their decision to sing in English, reaffirming the premise that singing in this language expands the horizons of Latin artists.


The 27-year-old paisa is a success in the world for his songs, almost all in Spanish. However , this talented artist has also been noted for the times he has entered the market with songs in English or with singles that mix several languages, such as French and English.

Singles like "DJADJA Remix", "Feel the Beat" and "Hands on me" are an example of the above, which has served the urban artist to reaffirm himself in the changing and competitive world of music.

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