5 Things Britney Spears can do Now that She’s Free

Britney Spears

Learn about 5 things the star will be able to do now that she is free thanks to the favorable decision of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda J. Penny. Photo: Glenn Francis

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This is how the life of the pop princess will change after the judge's decision. These are 5 things Britney Spears cab do now that she is free.

After winning the battle in the audience on November 12, Britney is now free to take charge of her own life without having to ask permission from her father, Jamie Spears , or Jodi Montgomery. After almost 13 years of intervention, the singer who conquered the professional boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s, has achieved her challenge of becoming a legally independent woman with full rights over her personal life and, above all, financial aspects.

But, in the end, what has changed in her life since the last hearing? Here are 5 things the star will be able to do now that she is free thanks to the favorable decision of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda J. Penny:

1. Get married

Going up to the altar has become a dream for the star who will turn 40 on December 2. And this is not a secret! The mother of 2 teenage children, Jayden (14) and Sean (15), Britney wants to formalize her union with Sam Asghari (27), an Iranian personal trainer who has supported her and been supportive throughout the process of termination of the guardianship. In addition, the star wants to wear a Versace dress at her wedding. We can say that a "yes, I do" has never been so iconic and relevant to Britney, do we agree?

2. Have control of her own body

Thanks to the end point in her guardianship, Britney can continue plans to become a mom of 3 children. In this sense, we must remember that the author of Baby One more Time was forced to use an intrauterine device, known as an IUD, so she could not being pregnant. Now, free from the chains that bound her to Jamie, she can exercise her will, remove the IUD and start her family with Ashgari. If it depends on Britney and her boyfriend, in no time the couple will have their baby in their arms.

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3. Sue Jamie Spears

Beyond the family bond, everything indicates that Britney is ready to see her father demonstrate under oath in court. According to lawyer Mathew Rosengart, the eternal Princess of Pop is looking for the best way to make her father explain what he has done with her fortune during the 13 years of guardianship and thus corroborate whether or not he has presented misconduct as a guardian and financial manager to the point of abusing capital using legal protection.

To avoid inconsistencies, the singer has hired forensic specialists to track down her father's accounts since the legal intervention process began in 2008. It is important to note that, regardless of controlling her capital, the father decided all the steps of the star of the same way he had total control over his body. Therefore, Britney lost her autonomy in a humiliating way affecting her health and, mainly, her emotional well-being, another reason that prompts her to continue her plan to sue her father as soon as possible.

4. Decide about ehr work activity

Since 2008, the multi-faceted author of Toxic has done hundreds of supervised jobs under the control of her parent and guardian. Even during the first hearing of the current year, the singer told the judge that she was forced to rehearse and appear in concerts with a fever and not being physically fit to do so.

Now, by winning the court fight, the star will be able to decide what is best for her career and organize her schedule according to her criteria. According to the TMZ portal, despite not wanting to perform live events such as concerts, the star is eager to get into the studios and release unreleased material, with songs that she has wanted to produce for a long time. Indeed, it is not known when Britney will begin these activities, since she has not yet contacted producers or songwriters. But the truth is that we are all curious and anxious for this moment.

5. Control her assets

One of the issues that affected Britney the most was the fact that she could not use her money in the way she wanted, once her earnings were in the hands of third parties. Now, after the legal battle is over, the singer can dispose of her great fortune, valued at 60 million dollars, approximately, a very different situation from what she was before ending the guardianship. During that period, she received a weekly pension of USD 2,000.

As you can see, freedom will provide Britney Spears with rights that have been denied and neglected for 13 years. Even the joy and satisfaction has gone beyond the personal sphere, thus reaching the public sphere, once millions of people have celebrated that now, Britney is free to do whatever she wants. Undoubtedly, this occasion deserves to be celebrated with great style and the singer has done so by drinking champagne, a drink that she had not enjoyed for more than 13 years as a result of her guardianship. Take advantage of life and congratulations Britney!

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