6 Albums of Latin Artists that Have Been Released Recently that You Will not Stop Listening To

Singers like Carlos Vives, Carla Morrison, Myriam Hernández, Jorge Drexler, Trueno and the Puerto Rican Kany García have Produced New Albums in the last Month and they Have not Disappointed. We Recommend 6 Abums from Latin Artists of this 2022..

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While some artists have returned to create albums after many years, there are singers who have shown new proposals more recently, but they do not lose novelty for that. For the same reason, in the following article we show you six artists from Latin America who have recently released albums with very good reviews.

Carlos Vives – "Cumbiana II"

With practically four decades of career, at 60 years old, the original from Santa Marta Carlos Vives continues to position himself as one of the most important Colombian artists. Vives has recently released "Cumbiana II", a second part of "Cumbiana I", an album he released in the midst of a pandemic in 2020. This album is the artist's fifteenth, and mixes musical genres such as urban with pop, adding native rhythms Colombians. In addition, it has the participation of renowned singers such as the Argentine Fito Páez, the Puerto Rican Ricky Martin and Pedro Capó.

The album is made up of thirteen songs, of which "Solo", "Cinerama", "Montaña Solitaria", "Mi Guitarra Enamorada" and "El Teke Teke" stand out and was recorded in three countries: Colombia, the United States and Puerto Rico. A tribute to his land, a song for Colombia and a gift for all the fans of a singer who has left a legacy on an entire continent.

Carla Morrison – "El Renacimiento"

The Mexican has returned to the music scene after seven years since she showed the world her album "Amor Supremo", which earned her a Latin Grammy (the fourth of her career) in the category of Best Alternative Song for her single "Vez Primera". "El Renacimiento" is the new album with which the 35-year-old singer has decided to return, eleven songs where contemporary pop emerges and where mental health, introspection and self-love play a fundamental role and are the basis of this new material from Carla.

"Ansiedad", "No me Llames", "Obra de Arte" and "Contigo" are the most outstanding songs on this album, and they were precisely the songs that, during the past year, Morrison was premiering on the various platforms and even all they have acoustic versions. In fact, "Contigo" has more than 15 million views on Spotify since it was released, and the official video has more than 6.7 million views on YouTube. The interpreter of "Déjenme Llorar" has been reborn, with an album as personal as it is authentic.

Myriam Hernandez – "Sinergia"

The balladeer of America is another of the singers who returns to release an album after many years. More than a decade had to pass for the Chilean Myriam Hernández to present a new album, and without a doubt it was worth the wait. "Sinergia" has already been presented in different parts of the continent, including in Colombia it could be seen on the artist's most recent tour. An album dedicated to feminism and love, its main struggle flags.

The album was made during the pandemic, and by 2021 the singer had released three singles that are part of this album (11 songs in total), "Hasta Aqui" (a feminist song), "Te Quiero, Ti Amo" (a song pop with modern rhythms) and "Ya es Tarde" (a ballad that makes her return to her origins). One of the most recognized Chilean artists in history has returned with all her romanticism, but with the addition of new resources, rhythms and sounds. One more luxury in his extraordinary career.

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Jorge Drexler – "Tinta y Tiempo"

He is a singer, songwriter, musician, doctor, actor and, as if that were not enough, he won an Oscar in 2005 for his song "Al otro lado del río", it is the profile of Jorge Drexler. The Uruguayan, 57, has released an album after five years. "Salvavidas de Hielo" had been his last major production and last April he premiered "Tinta y Tiempo", a creation that, like many others, was built in confinement and contains ten songs.

Of their ten songs, four have a collaboration, and they are duets that cannot leave anyone indifferent. In "El Plan Maestro" he collaborates with the Panamanian Rubén Blades; in "Tocarte" with the Madrilenian C.Tangana; in "¡Oh, Algoritmo!" with the Israeli Noga Erez; and in "Bendito Desconcierto" with his compatriot Martín Buscaglia. Drexler's mastermind has done it again.

Trueno – "Bien o Mal"

Trueno is part of the new breed of Argentines who are beginning to become the epicenter of urban music. At only 20 years old and with almost 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he has released "Bien o Mal", his second solo album, and although he has his own rhythms such as reggaeton, dancehall and rap, he adds rhythms Latinos such as zamba and candombe and adds collaborations with Nathy Peluso and Víctor Heredia. The future is here, in these fifteen songs.

Kany Garcia – "El amor que merecemos"

To date, "DPM (De Pxta Madre)" has more than 23 million views on YouTube, the first advance of his new album, which foreshadowed that what was to come would be a hit, and it has been. "El amor que deservemos" is the seventh album by the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, and is a fusion of tropical music, romantic ballads and pop that has ten songs where love, heartbreak, empowerment and the celebration of life are taken the lyrics and the rhythms.

To the intimate lyrics and the classic feeling that Kany puts into each of his songs, we must add the collaborations that are part of the album, because they are of a high level. In "Muero" she joins Alejandro Sanz in a nostalgic ballad, in "Justito a Tiempo" she sings with Rozalén at the end of toxic relationships, and in "No Vuelvas" she collaborates with Jay Wheeler, in a foray into the urban genre. "The love we deserve" is a work of art that everyone has to listen to.

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