A Wonderful Artistic Display with the Face of 23 Female Artists

The virtual exhibition Brushstrokes, Art in Projection, inaugurated on October 3, brings together proposals from 23 Colombian painters.

The virtual exhibition Brushstrokes, Art in Projection, inaugurated on October 3, brings together proposals from 23 Colombian painters.

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Expressed in 65 works in whose canvases the viewer can get lost in Colombian streets, get caught by the amber of the sugar cane or the daring and vibrant colors of the Colombian flora.

Cali, the capital of salsa in Colombia, opened a virtual cultural stage whose label has the faces of Colombian women artists who, through their feminine and sensitive brushes, let out scenes of daily life, which portray the beautiful simplicity of the newspaper becoming.

In the exhibition "Brushstrokes, Art with Projection", promoted by the Women's Training Corporation, the Women's Impact Network, and the Antioqueña Association for Culture (ASAC), among other organizations, plastic art has the versatility of feeling and of Glances from Colombian artists who proudly show the world the face of their country in scenes that engage the viewer's senses to take them to natural settings where they smell of exotic fruits and the coquettish guayacán trees are seduced by the warm breezes of the Colombian Cauca Valley.

The memory of the spectator remains imprisoned in small streets of simple and colorful portals, fields of sugar cane, and flowers that seem to want to escape from the canvases to shout to the world that Colombia is their cradle.

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This virtual exhibition, inaugurated on October 3 and open until November 15, 2020, brings together proposals from 23 Colombian painters expressed in 65 works and has the purpose of encouraging viewers to serve as witnesses in signing a commitment to through which social work and art conspire to give joy to families who demand financial support. The sale of the works includes a percentage that will contribute to meet the urgent needs of people with limited resources.

Among the 23 artists from various regions of Colombia are Eva María Reschreiter, Martha Olga Botero, Adriana Cabal, Tere Peroni, and Martha Cecilia Vergara, who unite their generous artistic talent inspired by Colombian corners. Each one of them sees reality in their own way and that is why the exhibition “Brushstrokes, Art with Projection” delivers to the world the amber of sugar cane, the white ridges of the sea that timidly touch the sand of any Pacific beach or from the Colombian Caribbean; the daring and tender green of the avocado, the whimsical tones of the flowers of the coffee-growing country that are present in millions of homes around the world or the dark face of a child with wavy hair and dusk.

The participating artists are surprised by their own art. Each one conceptualizes it with different visions. For Reschreiter, for example, "painting is a universal language to communicate my gratitude for all the beauty that my eyes can see", while Cabal seeks to capture the joy and movement of her city in vibrant colors and organic forms. The 23 artists have a lot to say and they do it through the reality manifested by their feminine brushes. You just have to visit the exhibition, available clicking here

More information about this initiative in @pinceladasevento, @cfmujer, @ asacmedellín, @ascaribecosta and @ ac.femenina

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