The best chapters of the brilliant Sherlock series

The release of Enola Holmes revived interest in the adventures of the eccentric detective. We review the best episodes of the BBC series

The release of Enola Holmes revived interest in the adventures of the eccentric detective. We review the best episodes of the BBC series .

Still from the series 'Sherlock'

These are some of the best moments from the eccentric detective series. / Photo: YT / BBC

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Sherlock Holmes became a trend again. We recently learned that the film of Enola Holmes, sister of the popular detective created by writer Arthur Conan Doyle, was released. Such are the expectations in this story that, according to the Jujuy al Momento website, a sequel to this mystery film is already in the works.

It belongs to the Netflix catalog, so there will be many people who will surely want to understand Sherlock's world a little better. Well, they won't even have to move to another platform, since Netflix itself has one of the best adaptations of this enigmatic Brit.

We talk about the story of Sherlock, created by the BBC, which, according to the La Vanguardia website, is seen as the "most intelligent series of all time." Therefore, if you have been fascinated by the plot of Enola Holmes, we leave you an analysis of the best episodes of this totally captivating series with amazing scripts.

A Study in Pink (Season 1, Episode 1)

The episode that started it all. From this moment on, we already knew that this story would be different from the usual ones, since each chapter would consist of a case, in addition to the fact that each season would have few chapters (most have 3 or 4), although of long duration ( about an hour and a half).

Despite this, the pace is adequate for the story being told. The Where's My Pencil website highlights that the story starts from the investigation of a series of crimes, where we will meet the intriguing misunderstood genius of Sherlock Holmes, along with his adventure partner, John Watson, a charismatic and ambivalent duo in an intriguing case and that will leave you with the creeps.

A Scandal in Belgravia (Season 2, Episode 1)

One of the chapters where the series' unique style was cemented. From El Antepenultimo Mohicano they emphasize that this television phenomenon allowed the entry of one of the key characters in the story: Irene Adler.

This is an interesting moment because, in this modern adaptation of the Conan Doyle novels, a kind of game arises in which this woman can be a romantic interest for the character of Sherlock , who seems to succumb to the charms of the lady … although, finally, everything would seem to indicate that he is not interested in romantic relationships.

The Sign of Three (Season 3, Episode 2)

One of the most emotional chapters, but also the most outstanding of all. The plot, according to the specialized blog of Sherlock Holmes Online, presents the wedding of the detective's best friend, John Watson, along with his new romantic interest, Mary Hudson.

Our friendly and shy detective is forced to make a speech during the celebration, as he was chosen best man. This is why, despite the fact that until now he has never openly demonstrated his feelings, he recalls emblematic cases and mentions all the love he feels for his partner, to whom he promises to “take care of”  forever. As if this were not enough, the chapter has several script twists. 

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The Lying Detective (Season 4, Episode 2)

One of the most intriguing episodes featured in this series. According to what GQ Magazine mentions, Sherlock dives into the dark side in this story, because he meets a character who is revered by public opinion, although, in reality, he is a serial killer.

Therefore, our favorite heroes must face a psychopath who has everyone in his favor, being a really ambivalent villain and with a really outstanding personality. As if that were not enough, this story is the prelude to the final chapter, since we are introduced to another character who will later acquire special importance.

The Abominable Bride (special episode)

In this case, we are talking about a special episode that fits into what would be the third season. Here, the original novel created by Conan Doyle is referenced much more in-depth, since, unlike the original approach of the series, here we travel to the 19th century to have a much more faithful narrative.

The Hobbyconsolas website highlights that, in addition, the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson fits perfectly in terms of dialogue, where you can see an atmosphere very typical of that time and the surprising use of a mythical phrase. Besides, of course, the cliffhanger that characterizes this series so much.

All these episodes result in the fact that, according to the UPSOCL medium, it is considered the “best series of the famous detective so far”, with characters with eccentric and authentic details, perfectly scripted stories, and almost cinematographic direction.

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