About Heartstopper: The 4 Best LGBT Series for Teens

We Present you the Best LGBT Series for Teenagers now that Netflix's hit Heartstopper was Released.

Still from the series 'Heartstopper' and 'Generation'

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It is increasingly common to see LGBT-themed series for young people on digital platforms. The representation of this community has generated a positive impact so that new generations feel identified and do not feel excluded. For this reason, we bring you a list of the best LGBT series and where to find them.


The series that everyone is talking about: "Heartstopper". Charlie Spring is a shy, openly gay 15-year-old who is secretly having a relationship with Ben, since Ben doesn't want anyone to know. For his part, Nicholas (Nick) Nelson is an athletic boy, captain of the rugby team and very popular. They attend the Truham school where, by sharing a bench in a class, they will start a friendship that little by little becomes something more than that.

This Netflix production is based on the Alice Osaman graphic novel of the same name. The series shows a simple story in which two high school students start a romantic relationship, the difficulties and all the questions that can arise in this type of relationship. With endearing characters, this story puts themes such as acceptance, bullying and friendship on the table.

Love, Victor

The series tells the story of Víctor, a happy young man who is enthusiastic about basketball, who has arrived in a new city, which also implies a new school. With the challenges of school and home, the protagonist embarks on a path of self-discovery to find out who he is and in which he will have to face his sexual orientation. This series portrays the doubts, challenges and questions that a young man faces when coming out. Spin-off of the movie "Love, Simon", this series can be found on the Star+ platform and the third and final season will be released in June.


The series shows different perspectives of a group of young people who explore their sexuality from a current perspective, what that implies and dealing with the consequences that this will bring. This series was canceled with only one season. However, it is worth watching because of the way it is told and the different perspectives and voices that a narrative gives them, since there are several characters and each one has their problems. This series is available on HBO max.

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Grand Army

After an attack near the "Grand Army" high school, located in Brookline, the lives of some students will change radically. This series only has one season of 9 chapters that is available on Netflix. What makes this story good is the way in which it talks about racism, the culture of violence, sexual identity, gender violence and intimidation. These thematics are told through a group of friends who are facing the consequences of the decisions made in different stories.

Young Royals

The story centers on Prince Wilhelm, who is sent to the prestigious Hillerska intern after a media conflict involving him. There, the nobleman will meet Simon Eriksson, a school friend, with whom he will gradually fall in love and try to get away from royal obligations. However, when he unexpectedly becomes the first in line for the throne, he will soon have to decide between love and the responsibilities he now has. The series has been renewed for a second season and you can find it through Netflix.

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