Are you a Loki fan? These are the best Tom Hiddleston productions

The actor behind Marvel's Nordic god has an interesting list of movies and series that you should not miss.

Still from the series 'Loki'

We tell you part of the interesting filmography of Tom Hiddleston. Photo: YT-Marvel Entertainment

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It was in 2011 when Tom Hiddleston wore the Loki suit for the first time in the film Thor , since then his fame has grown exponentially. But beyond the Marvel character having all the ingredients to be essential in the cinematic multiverse, the British actor's own interpretation was the cause of the funniest villain of all becoming one of the most loved by fans.

Arguably, thanks to Loki, Tom's acting career took off phenomenally allowing him to achieve more roles on both the big and small screen. However, before landing in the Marvel studios, the Briton was part of films whose stories ranged from drama to fantasy , demonstrating his different facets when playing characters.

The actor will remain focused on the role of Loki, since it is said that Marvel has planned to make up to three seasons of the homonymous series , without forgetting the more than certain appearance that he will have in the series What if …? . In short, Tom is as versatile and chameleonic as the Nordic god and that has been seen in his career. That is why here we will explore part of his interesting filmography.


This is Tom's first starring role. Directed by Joanna Hogg , this drama film tells the story of a woman who lives low hours in her marriage, so she decides to accept an invitation from a friend to spend a vacation with her family in Tuscany. There she will meet a young man who will become an object of desire and will lead her to question her life and the challenges of growing old.


For the second time, Hogg had the collaboration of Tom for a new film . This time, the plot is about a man who is invited by his family on a vacation before going on a humanitarian mission in Africa. However, everything begins to fall apart little by little when old tensions and resentments come to the surface, showing that difficulties also arise in relationships between siblings.

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War horse

2011 was a phenomenal year for the Briton, because in addition to Thor he was also in three other films . Here it was directed by Steven Spielberg in an epic drama about World War I, which follows a teenager who must surrender his horse to the army to help during the war . Tom is not the protagonist, but he plays a character who will become the ray of hope amid the chaos.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Drama, comedy and fantasy come together in this great film starring Tom and Tilda Swinton . The story directed by Jim Jarmusch is about two millennial vampires who meet again today and will have to deal with the sister of one of them who could endanger everyone's secret identity. The plot, the actors and the costumes adorn a film that shows the true meaning of love and life.

Crimson peak

When the director of the film is Guillermo del Toro we cannot expect less from fantasy, drama and horror at its best . Tom is accompanied by figures like Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska in a story that deals with the life of a rich young woman, who is involved in a terrible conflict over falling in love with the wrong man. The suspense will catch more than one in this gloomy 19th century setting.

The Night Manager

Very few mini-series Tom has made in his career, but one that he cannot ignore is the one based on the spy novel by John le Carré. Here, the Brit plays the night manager of a hotel who witnesses a crime that changes his life , as he is recruited by MI6 to infiltrate the close circle of an arms dealer who they have been trying to arrest for years.

Kong: Skull Island

We all know that the main protagonist here is the gigantic gorilla, but the plot has other relevant characters that enhance the film of 2017. Tom is a former captain of the British Special Air Service who is hired as a guide for an expedition to map Skull Island , place where mythical creatures live. This action-packed adventure is considered the best movie about King Kong, without forgetting that it belongs to the so-called MonsterVerse where Godzilla also appears.

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