Art pieces: from the museum to the red carpet

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On many occasions, works of art have inspired designers to make ostentatious and creative clothing. This year, at the Grammy Awards, the turn was for Cardi B

Art pieces: from the museum to the red carpet

The rapper wore for the red carpet of the Grammy, a design by the French Thierry Mugler. This dress was designed for the signature winter show in 1995 and was used for the first time by model Simonetta Gianfelici on that catwalk.

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It is inspired by The Birth of Venus, the Boticcelli painting of about 1480 that shows the birth of the goddess Venus from a seashell. The dress wraps the shell around the hips, lined with pink silk and gloves that combine. The dress ends in a fishtail on the floor with a blue velvet that gives the effect of water. Cardi B also wore pearls around her hip, neck, and hair.

We bring you other examples of when art has influenced fashion.


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The Mondrian collection by Yves Saint Laurent


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In 1965, the French designer Yves Saint Laurent went through a creative block. The inspiration came in the presentation of an art book. Saint Laurent designed a collection that was inspired by some modern artists. Six cocktail dresses with the colors and geometric shapes of the paintings by Piet Mondrian, a Hollander artist who had died about 20 years before, make up a large part of this collection. Although it is also inspired by others such as Poliakoff and Manievich, this collection is known as the Mondrian Colection.

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Versace uses Andy Warhol's Marilyn


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In his spring collection in 1991, Gianni Versace wore prints inspired by the iconic paintings of pop artist Andy Warhol. Versace not only used this idea, but also the colors of the fabrics are inspired by the artist's color palette. This was neither the first nor the last time that the Italian designer was inspired by the plastic arts or the history of art.

Perhaps its most obvious influence can be seen in his signature logo. Many say that it is inspired by Medusa, a Baroque painting from 1597 by Caravaggio. This painting refers to the Greek art in which jellyfish was represented, a mythological being turned into a beast for offending the divinity of Athena. Versace chose it as the logo of her design house because she wanted to give an impression of a dangerous and empowered woman to people who wore her clothes.

Elsa Schiaparelli collaborates with surrealism


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This Italian designer was not only influenced by the artistic movements of her time but also collaborated with some of the most renowned artists of the time. Schiaparelli became famous in Paris between the twenties and fifties and was part of the groups of artists and intellectuals who lived in this city in the first half of the twentieth century.

That is why she collaborated in her designs with some artists who were also close friends of her. With Jean Cocteau, she designed a gala dress in two hands that formed an optical illusion of a bouquet of roses that transformed into two faces in profile if observed well. In collaboration with Salvador Dalí, he designed this dress, known as the lobster dress, in which a giant lobster can be seen, a recurring motif in Schiaparelli's designs.


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