Bad Bunny Day: Does Your Favorite Celebrity Have a Day?

Bad Bunny Day makes us wonder about other celebrities who also have a special date to remember their work. We tell you who else has their day .

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Recently, Bad Bunny Day was declared. This became official in the United States, in one of the oldest cities – Boston. This location in the state of Massachusetts indicated that the Puerto Rican artist will be able to celebrate his date every August 18th, due to his outstanding musical career.

This decision was made by the mayor of the city, Michelle Wu, who considers that Bad Bunny has had a very great influence on the United States. His songs are always "top" in the list of the most listened to in the region on the different streaming platforms.

Bad Bunny has also been a strong connector between the Latino community in the United States and Americans, since his work has helped to eliminate the prejudices that existed in the past. Now, given this scenario, what other celebrities have also had their special day? We will tell you in detail.


Here appears the legendary rapper 2Pac, who also has his special day. It is celebrated on June 16th (his birth) in the city of Oakland, within the state of California, United States. This decision was made in 2016, when the mayor of the coastal city, Libby Schaaf, issued an emotional statement about this artist.

2Pac was born in the United States in 1971. He loved Oakland and mentioned that he would not have been able to carry out his musical career if it were not for this location. He even once mentioned that he gave “all his love to Oakland”, something that he also expressed in his lyrics. He was assassinated in 1997, when he was only 24 years old.

Michael Jackson

The king of pop could not be missing from this list. In 2009, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz released a proclamation to declare Michael Jackson Day. This happens every August 29th, which is the date on which this artist had his birthday.

The truth is that, despite his controversial life, people continue to love Michael Jackson, to the point that there are open calls for a national day in his name. 

Bob Marley

Here we have a case that has been successful not only in one city, but in several. The king of reggae celebrates his day in 2 different cities: Los Angeles and Toronto. In the case of Los Angeles, we have seen how some mayors, such as Joe Buscaino, sang parts of their popular theme “Redemption Song”.

And did you know that tributes are also held in his name in Jamaica? Every February 6, people perform dances and celebrate the birthday of their great idol. For this reason, it is also common to listen to their songs in different homes and even see people dressed in his clothing.

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Also Beyoncé has her own day! In 2016, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton declared that every May 23th will be celebrated as Beyoncé Day. The reason? Well, very simple: her enormous popularity, given that she is one of the most successful and recognized artists of all time.

Although this has not happened on a national scale, its day is celebrated in this city. According to the governor himself, this is because he has influenced many girls and women with different powerful messages, which allow building a fairer society. For this reason, she is another celebrity with her own day.

Diana Ross

Finally, Diana Ross also has her own day. This happened in 2019, when the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California in the United States, indicated that his birth will be celebrated every May 26th. This happened on her birthday, as a way to honor her important artistic career.

In this sense, Mayor Eric Garcetti mentioned that he is "very happy" to have Diana Ross' day. The reason is simple: that she has a career of more than 50 years, with which she was able to positively influence the American community, in addition to being one of the most successful artists of all time.

In short, you have seen that there are many celebrities who have their own "special days". And for you, which artist deserves his own day?

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